City Council President Anna Verna

(Philadelphia NAACP president Jerome Mondesire, in 2010 file photo.)

NAACP Gets City Council To Hold 2 Additional Hearings On Philadelphia Redistricting

After threat of a lawsuit by the local branch of the NAACP, Philadelphia City Council has agreed to expand the number of hearings into how the city will be redistricted in accordance with the latest census.



Philadelphia City Council Approves 3.85-Percent Property Tax Hike; Mayor Vetoes DROP

Proceeds from that property tax bump — combined with a meter rate increase for street parking and some city surplus funds — will give the school district an extra $53 million.


(Philadelphia City Council.  File photo)

City Council Gives Thumbs-Up For Philadelphia Top Cop’s Salary Hike

Philadelphia City Council, which controls the purse strings of the city’s government, apparently has no problem with the $60,000 salary hike given to police commissioner Charles Ramsey to keep him from fleeing to Chicago.


(Credit: Timothy McLaughlin)

City Council Changes Rules, Limiting Public Speeches At Meetings

Council President Anna Verna denies that the change was an attempt to get around a state Supreme Court decision.


(Philadelphia City Council president Anna Verna, in file photo)

Verna Says City Council Is Moving Forward On “DROP”

City Council members are ever-so-close to finally releasing their own study of the cost of the controversial pension perk known as “DROP” — and close to finally scheduling a hearing on whether to abolish the program.