Will Mayor Nutter Deliver His Budget Address Uninterrupted This Year?Mayor Nutter unveils his new budget tomorrow, and the President of City Council is promising a smoother time than last year -- when hundreds of union members shouted Nutter down.
Philadelphia City Council Opens Annual Budget HearingsPhiladelphia City Council members have opened their annual budget hearings, listening to Mayor Michael Nutter's top budget people describe the city's 'five year financial and strategic plan.'
Cost Of 'Made In America' Concert To Taxpayers Still Undisclosed The remnants of the Made in America Music Festival are still very visible. What remains to be seen is how many taxpayer dollars were spent to bring the concert to Philadelphia.
Support For Mayor Nutter's Property Tax Plan WaningSupport in City Council for the mayor’s proposed property tax overhaul appears to be crumbling, as lawmakers today try once again to hammer out a budget deal.
City Council Scheduled To Discuss Budget, AVICity council today will again hunker down and try to hammer out a budget deal. But first votes last week on a new property tax system, and new money for the school district, may not survive on final passage.
Nutter Proposes Hiring 16 Workers For Preventative Maintenance Of City BuildingsIn the fine print of Mayor Nutter's proposed budget is an idea whose time has belatedly come to Philadelphia City Hall: having workers do preventative maintenance on police and fire stations.
Camden Is Slated For Over $60 Million In Transitional AidFive New Jersey cities are in line for transitional aid from the state, if the Christie Administration and legislators can come to terms on how the program is administered.
Ramsey: No Increase In Crime Due To SugarHouse CasinoThe Philadelphia police commissioner said crime around the casino, while well-publicized, has not gone up significantly.
Ayers: Brownouts Here To Stay, For NowPhiladelphia City Council wants to end the policy of rolling brownouts, but the Fire Commissioner Lloyd Ayers said they will stay in place.
Streets Commish Asks City Council To Buy More SaltStreets commissioner Clarena Tolson asked council to approve spending an extra $1.9 million for road salt. She says the current supply -- about 12-thousand tons -- is enough only to cover one more major storm.

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