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Disney Infinity Toy Box 2.0 App

Disney Infinity: Toy Box 2.0 is a fun sandbox tool where your imagination can run wild.


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ACDSee App

This app combines your camera with a photo editor and collage maker, letting you optimize your shots before you share them.


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Runtastic Heart Rate Monitor

This Runtastic app uses your phone’s camera to monitor your heart rate.


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Data Usage App

Running up overage charges on your cell phone bill can quickly get expensive. The Data Usage app can help you keep track.


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LookFor App

If you’ve ever tried to find friends at a concert or crowded venue, you know it can be a challenge. The LookFor app can help.


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Looney Tunes Dash App

Adults may roll their eyes at yet another endless runner, but kids will probably have a good time with Looney Tunes Dash!


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Saver 2 App

There are plenty of apps out there to help you save money, but Saver 2 may be easiest to use.



Snapchat App

You may know Snapchat commonly used as a sexting app. They’ve added a few new features, though, that you should also be aware of.


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Saturday Night Live is a weekend institution, but if you can’t wait for Saturday to get your fix, the SNL app will more than scratch the itch.



Seat Serve App

The SeatServe app lets you order your hot dog, beer or even souvenir from your seat at the big game.


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Iron Ball Ride

Ball-rolling games are one of the most popular genres in the app store but frustrating for kids. Iron Ball Ride resolves that problem.


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Sunny App

Sunny is a collection of a variety of beach sounds that can act as a calming influence to help you sleep, meditate or just relax


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Paper By FiftyThree App

Paper by FiftyThree hopes to lure in the doodlers with this sketching app that lets you write, draw and outline just as you would on paper.


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Vine Kids App

Vine has introduced a family friendly offshoot, with clips that will entertain your kid without you having to worry about what they’re watching.


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Understanding Photography Basics App

Learn about everything from ISO to exposure compensation in a clear and concise language anyone can understand.