Chesapeake Bay

(Credit: Jay Lloyd)

Jay Lloyd’s Getaway: Managing The Cost of Fuel For Your Power Boat

Power boaters may feel squeezed by stratospheric fuel prices, but it won’t keep them off the water.


(The York River, near the spot where the "Monitor" and the "Merrimack" clashed.  Credit: Jay Lloyd)

Jay Lloyd’s Getaway: 150th Anniversary of Iconic Civil War Naval Battle

This week, Civil War buffs will be observing a reënactment of the most significant naval battle in US waters -– the clash between the “Monitor” and the “Merrimack,” on the Chesapeake Bay.


(The working fishing boat "Waterdog," momentarily at rest in Rock Hall, Md.  Credit: Jay Lloyd)

Jay Lloyd’s Getaway: Become a Chesapeake ‘Waterman,’ If Only For A Day

A getaway to the nearby Chesapeake Bay this summer could put visitors on a working crab boat, on the trail of Captain John Smith.


(A shopkeeper in the historically reconstructed town of Williamsburg, Va.  Credit: Jay Lloyd)

Jay Lloyd’s Getaway: Historic Williamsburg, Va.

For traditional 17th-century fare this Thanksgiving, how about a getaway to this old Virginia colony?