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Burner App

Burner is an app that adds a layer of privacy to your calls, letting you use an alias number.


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Cell Phone Jammers Are Available – But Illegal

What’s a cell phone jammer and why don’t we all have one?


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Data Usage App

Running up overage charges on your cell phone bill can quickly get expensive. The Data Usage app can help you keep track.


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Overgram App

Instagram can put just about any filter you want on a picture you take with your cell phone – and now Overgram can add a caption.



Hackers Leak Hundreds Of Nude Celebrity Photos Online, Causing Many To Worry About Privacy

Dan Ackerman, Senior Editor of C-NET, says people should never treat their pictures and online activity as 100% private.


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Marco Polo App

The Marco Polo app makes finding your phone a lot easier.



No Phone Friday Urges Families To Unplug

This year, Needham Unplugged included a new challenge: urging families to put away their cell phones and spend more time relaxing and talking – face to face.


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Philadelphia Police Ask Cell Phone Users To Download ‘Find My Phone’ App To Curb Criminals

SEPTA officials say, on average, 39 cell phones were lost or stolen each month last year throughout their system. So they kicked off an imitative Friday to remind riders about steps they can take to protect themselves.


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Cell Phones On Airplanes

A traveler in Denver was kicked off a Southwest flight last month when he refused to turn off his cell phone. Is it really illegal to use a cell phone on a flight? The answer is yes.


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DataMan Pro App

Avoid costly cellphone overages. DataMan Pro will track your data usage, giving you an alert when you start to get close to your limit.


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bSafe App

When you are in danger, bSafe lets you alert predefined contacts with the press of a button.


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The ThruTu App

This app adds an extra layer of interactivity to calls, letting you use your iPhone to see the location of the person you’re speaking with, snap and share photos during the call.


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The Onavo App

Onavo is an app that can let you know as you approach the data usage limit on your cellphone.


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Carrier Compare App

The Carrier Compare app lets you see which carriers offer the best service for your iPhone in different locations.


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Kids And Texting

I think we all know that teens love to text and this is a key form of communication but it can be a deadly choice as well.