Cat Health

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Pets At Risk For Frostbite And Hypothermia

Prevent frostbite and hypothermia in your pets by keeping all your animals warm this winter.



‘High Rise Syndrome’ May Prove Fatal For Cats

Unscreened windows pose a life threatening danger to cats. Veterinarians have dubbed it ‘high rise syndrome’ and it can be fatal.



Excessive Meowing

Excessive vocalization in cats refers to intensive and excessive meowing, moaning or crying which may occur frequently at various and often unexpected times of the day or night.


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Symptoms Of Hemangiosarcoma

Unlike lymphoma, which can affect both humans and animals, hemangiosarcoma is a cancer that does not affects humans.


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Diagnosing And Managing Chronic Renal Failure

Feline chronic renal failure or CRF is very common in older cats of all breeds and may unfortunately be the most common cause of death in senior cats.


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Overweight Cats

Obesity in domestic cats is described as being 20% or more over the ideal body weight. Overweight cats are at a higher risk of poor health.


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Keeping Your Cat Healthy

Cats are so easy to care for on an ongoing basis and they seem so independent that we may, at times, overlook the care that they truly need. Here are some tips.


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Pets And Heart Disease

Just like people, our pets, both dogs and cats, can be susceptible to many forms of heart disease. In many cases, early detection and treatment of heart disease can make all the difference.


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Feline Diabetes

Diabetes mellitus or sugar diabetes is a relatively common disorder in cats – and sometimes even dogs – but is found more often in cats.



Choosing The Right Cat Litter

Choosing the right cat litter for your cat is very important because if your cat is not comfortable with your selection, he or she may develop litter box problems in the long run.


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Is Your Cat Drinking Enough Water?

Cats need to drink a sufficient amount of water daily to stay healthy. Lack of water intake can lead to serious health conditions for your cat, such as urinary tract stones, bladder infections and crystal formations.


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Feline Cancer

Like people, cats can also develop abnormal cells with unrestrained and uncontrolled cell division that grow and replicate in the form of cancer or cancerous tumors.


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Feline Furballs

If you live with a feline, you’re fully aware that furballs are a very normal part of your cat’s life and overall routine but more than once or twice a month can be indicative of a more serious problem.


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Aggressive Behavior In Cats

When cats perceive fear, a form of aggressive behavior can ultimately follow but there may be other reasons for feline aggression as well.



Coccidiosis In Felines

Coccidia is single-celled parasite that can live in the intestinal tract of your cat. It occurs primarily in felines, more specifically in kittens.