Study: Cutting Fat Can Lead To Greater Weight Loss Than Cutting CarbsA new study suggests cutting fat may be better than cutting carbs.
Health: Resistant Starches May Aid In Weight LossIt's called a "resistant starch" or the "skinny carb" and it's being hailed as a fat-burning breakthrough.
Maintaining Healthy Blood Sugar LevelsToo many carbohydrates in the diet can increase the risk of people developing type 2, or adult onset, diabetes.
Legal Definition Of Low CarbHow do you know what the words “low carb” really mean on a food label?
A Healthy BreakfastFruit, juice and some source of protein make a healthy breakfast and a good way to start your day.
Dessert For Diabetics
The Risk Of Foods With High Glycemic IndexFoods with a high glycemic index can increase the risk of people developing type two, or adult onset, diabetes.

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