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Study: Cutting Fat Can Lead To Greater Weight Loss Than Cutting Carbs

A new study suggests cutting fat may be better than cutting carbs.


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Health: Resistant Starches May Aid In Weight Loss

It’s called a “resistant starch” or the “skinny carb” and it’s being hailed as a fat-burning breakthrough.


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Maintaining Healthy Blood Sugar Levels

Too many carbohydrates in the diet can increase the risk of people developing type 2, or adult onset, diabetes.


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Legal Definition Of Low Carb

How do you know what the words “low carb” really mean on a food label?



A Healthy Breakfast

Fruit, juice and some source of protein make a healthy breakfast and a good way to start your day.


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Dessert For Diabetics

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Many people think if they have diabetes that they cannot eat dessert. However you can include small amounts of sweets into a well-balanced diet. If you think about it, desserts have a […]


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The Risk Of Foods With High Glycemic Index

Foods with a high glycemic index can increase the risk of people developing type two, or adult onset, diabetes.