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Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Dispelling Myths About Breast Cancer

Dr. Sramila Aithal of Cancer Treatment Centers of America stopped by with facts on breast cancer.


cancer treatment centers of america

Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Learn more about Cancer Treatment Centers of America.



Cancer Treatment Centers Of America: The NanoKnife

Doctor Steven Wagner, an interventional radiologist, talks about a new treatment for cancer patients.


cancers secret angels

Brotherly Love: Cancer’s Secret Angels

Jamie went through a double mastectomy and 28 rounds of radiation, but her experience gave her an idea: Why not give cancer patients baskets filled with little things that help?



Cancer Treatment Centers Of America

For more on Cancer Treatment Centers of America, click here.


Cancer's Angel Project

Brotherly Love: Cancer’s Secret Angel Project

Jaime Rossano went through a double mastectomy and 28 rounds of radiation at age 27. But her experience gave her an idea: Why not give cancer patients baskets filled with the little things that help?


cancer drugs DL

Area Cancer Specialist Lauds FDA Approval of New Drug Manufacturers

The US Food and Drug Administration has approved new suppliers for two crucial cancer drugs that have been nearly impossible to secure for months.



Cancer Expert Suggests Gift Ideas For Your Loved One With Cancer

Shopping for that perfect anniversary gift isn’t easy, especially when your loved one is suffering through cancer treatment.


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Resolving To Eat Healthier In 2012? Avoid The ‘Dirty Dozen’ Fruits And Vegetables

If you want to eat healthier in the new year you may want to buy certain fruits and veggies in the organic section.


Dr. Aithal Talk Philly

Facts About Aggressive Breast Cancer

Dr. Sramila Aitha, of the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, stopped by Talk Philly to share facts on aggressive types of breast cancer and new treatments for them.


Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating During The Holidays

Eating healthy around the holidays is a challenge for us all, but it can be especially difficult for cancer patients. However, there are a few rules we can all live by to make the holidays enjoyable—but healthful!


Rev. Barry

How To Forgive

A wise man once said, “We achieve inner health only through forgiveness,” not only of others, but also of ourselves. This holiday season, we will undoubtedly run into family and friends. The season can be […]


thanksgiving rockwell

Traditional Holiday Meal May Need Adjustment For Chemotheraphy Patients

If one of your Thanksgiving Day guests is undergoing chemotherapy, you may be wondering what to serve for dinner.


(Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Seth Rogen star in '50/50.'   Credit: Summit Entertainment)

Fiction Mirrors Reality In Film About 20-Something Cancer Patient

Pam Cromwell has been fighting since she was diagnosed with breast cancer five years ago at the age of 29. She says the movie ’50/50′ hits home.



Local Doc Warns Women Affected By Breast Cancer To Watch For Bone Pain

Several cancers are prone to spread to the bone. The most common is breast cancer. With women living with the disease longer, more women are affected.