Camden Childrens Garden

(Mike Devlin, founder of the Camden Children's Garden, stands alongside the group's display at the Philadelphia Flower Show.  Photo by Cherri Gregg)

Its Prospects Bright, Camden Children’s Garden Blossoms at Flower Show

Camden Children’s Garden founder Mike Devlin says the nature education center on the Camden waterfront was looking down the barrel of a gun last year.


(Produce is sold from the new "Mobile Market" trailer in Camden.  Credit: Mike DeNardo)

Fresh-Deprived Camden Gets a Mobile Fruits-and-Veggies Store

A new mobile produce van made its first stop on Wednesday, selling fruits and vegetables on the streets of Camden, NJ.


(credit: Phran Novelli)

A Weekend Of Gardening Events

With both Earth Day and Arbor Day this week, you’ll find all kinds of gardening events going on this weekend.


(The entrance to the Camden Children's Garden.  Credit: Pat Loeb)

A Camden Children’s Facility Fighting Confiscation of Half Its Land

The New Jersey treasury department says it is getting ready to allocate more than half the land of the Camden’s Children’s Garden to the company that operates an adjacent attraction, the Adventure Aquarium.


Founder Of Camden Children’s Garden To Fight Impending Move

Children’s Garden director Mike Devlin says he received a letter from the state Treasury Department last week saying that the garden needs to move by March 31 so the land can go to the Adventure Aquarium.


(A willow tree lays fallen on the Storybook Gardens of the Camden Children's Garden.  Photo provided)

Hurricane Sandy Plays Too Rough With Camden Children’s Garden

One place that’s still digging out from Hurricane Sandy is the Camden Children’s Garden, where the storm brought down half a dozen trees.


(Credit: Thinkstock)

Top Kid-Friendly Haunted Houses In Philadelphia

Pick the haunted houses made for your kids — spooky, but not terrifying — with diverse activities perfect for the whole family. These are the top five haunted houses for families.


(A grow lab in a Camden, NJ classroom teaches kids about healthy eating.  Credit: Hadas Kuznits)

Campbell’s Helps Camden Schoolkids Grow Food As Lesson In Nutrition

A program in Camden, NJ is helping elementary school kids learn about nutrition in the classroom.


(credit:  Phran Novelli)

That’s Why There’s Chocolate And Vanilla

You might not think about it when you’re eating a candy bar or licking an ice cream cone, but chocolate and vanilla both come from plants. Learn more at the Camden Children’s Garden Chocolate and Vanilla Festival this weekend.



Local Residents Grow Their Own Produce To Avoid The High Cost Of Food

In the past month, food prices are up more than they have been in the past 36 years. With the warmer temperatures expected to start moving into the region, one community is planning on taking the opportunity to grow their own produce.



Guide to Fall Fun at Area Gardens

Besides raking and planting and pruning – there’s lots of fun stuff to do in the garden this time of year and Greater Philadelphia Gardens has collected lots of them into a handy guide.


A Garden Festival to Suit All Tastes

by KYW’s Phran Novelli OK, vanilla or chocolate? Most people pick one instantly, some like them both, but when you’re standing in line waiting for ice cream, do you ever think about tropical plants you […]