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Nutritionists Denounce One Of The Internet's Most Popular DietsOne health expert called the "CICO" diet "an outdated way of thinking" with another adding it can "wreak havoc" on other parts of your body.
Pepsi Gets Aggressive On Cutting SugarThe global food giant said that two-thirds of its single serving drinks will have 100 or fewer calories by 2025.
Health: FDA Issues New Rules Mandating Calories Be Posted On Menus At Big Chain Restaurants And StoresThe FDA issued new rules which will soon show you exactly how many calories you're eating when you dine out.
Quick Weight Loss Versus Slow Weight LossIt is an interesting question. Is it better to lose weight over a long period of time or quickly?
Choosing A Diet Doesn't Have To Be Difficult, Drexel Nutrition Doc SaysJust about every week there's a new study out on what you should or shouldn't eat. Dr. Stella Volpe, Chair of the Department of Nutrition Sciences at Drexel University says make it easy, start with just two changes.
And The 2014 Unhealthiest Restaurant Items In America Are...Spoiler alert: The Cheesecake Factory serves three of the nine 'winners.'
Could Coffee Help Improve Your Workout?Coffee has also been linked to other health benefits like increased circulation and improved memory.
Weightlifters Burn More Calories During Balance Of The DayIt is a fascinating concept but people who lift weights to stay in condition actually burn calories when they're just sitting around.
Smart Cup Tracks Your Calories So You Don’t Have ToThe Vessyl is a normal looking cup, with an extraordinary feature: it knows exactly what is in it at all times.
Famed Philly Confection Makes List Of 'Highest Calorie Foods In The World'Philadelphia’s Flying Monkey bakery is famous for its Pumpple Cake, but have you ever wondered how many calories are in a slice?
Put Down The Cookie: Study Shows Too Much Sugar Could Be Killing YouWhile scientists have previously shown high sugar intake ups a person’s risk of cardiovascular disease, the new study is the first to link sugar consumption to death.
Lose It! AppThe Lose It! app sets a daily calorie budget to help you meet your weight loss goals, while tracking your steps and weekly intake.

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