Health: How Safe Are Medical Apps?Both the Journal of the American Medical Association and the British Medical Journal have taken a serious look at whether apps are safe, effective, and whether they can benefit people.
Children's Animated Films More Frightening Than Adult MoviesA recent study found risk of on-screen death was 2.5 times higher in children’s animated films than the grown-up ones.
Study: FDA Warnings About Antidepressant Side Effects May Have Caused Spike In Suicide AttemptsTurns out putting warnings about the increased risk of suicide on the labels of antidepressants didn’t do much good. In fact, it may have actually done some <em>harm.</em>
Nature Vs. Nurture - It May Not Be One Or The OtherPeople often pit their genes against their lifetime experiences when looking at physical and emotional traits but this is often a big mistake.
Not Much More Expensive To Eat HealthyMost people believe that it is far more expensive to eat healthy but the difference can reportedly be as little as one dollar and fifty cents per day.
Study: Wandering Minds Associated With Traffic AccidentsPeople whose minds wander while driving, especially when intense, are significantly more likely to be responsible for a crash, according to a new study.
Another Reason To Quit SmokingAccording to a Japanese study of 68,000 men and women, those who quit before age 35 had the same risks of future problems as those who never smoked.
Salt Is A KillerAccording to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, heart disease is the number one cause of death in the world and salt can play a key role.
New Report Finds Dark Chocolate Could Help Prevent Heart ProblemsAccording to a new report from the British Medical Journal finds dark chocolate can actually reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes in people who are at high risk.
Study: No Link Between Cell Phone Use And CancerA recent study followed 350,000 people over a 17 year period and found no relation between cancer and talking on a cell phone.
Exercising Through An InjuryAlthough resting an injury is sometimes necessary, exercise is often a better option on the road to recovery.
Marijuana May Cause SchizophreniaAccording to a new report in the <em>British Medical Journal</em>, marijuana may cause schizophrenia.

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