Erratic Driving Not Required For DUICan you be ticketed for DUI even when not driving erratically?
'Buzzed' Driving May Pose Serious RiskThere is a recent trend to warn people about 'buzzed driving' because it may pose a serious danger to the driver and others.
Health: Study Claims One Drink Can Turn Those Over 55 Into Dangerous DriversIt seems innocent enough. Doctors say that, for most people, one drink won’t get them legally drunk. But new research has found that for people over 55, one drink can turn them into dangerous drivers.
BAC Alcohol CalculatorThe BAC Alcohol Calculator will let you input the drinks you've had and estimate your blood alcohol content - as well as when that will reach zero.
Suspect Charged With DUI Death Of Philadelphia Officer Had Blood Alcohol Level Of Two-And-A-Half Times Legal LimitSources tell CBS 3 that lab tests now indicate the blood alcohol level of an alleged drunk driver accused of killing Officer Brian Lorenzo early Sunday morning was more than two-and-a-half times the legal limit.

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