(File photo.  Credit: Joe Raedle/ Getty Images)

Valet’s Responsibility To A Would-Be Drunk Driver

There are laws that make bars and bartenders legally responsible if they let an intoxicated customer drive away. Does the same hold true for valets?



Honesty Bars: The Bars Where You Pay Whatever You Want

If you’ve ever stayed at a boutique hotel abroad, odds are you’ve come across a “Seriously, where on earth did the bartender go — oh wait, there is no bartender?” honesty bar.



Labor Laws On Tipping

Are you a waiter, bartender, or a manager in a restaurant? Here’s what you need to know about tipping.


Suspect Omar Wright  (credit: Philadelphia Police)

Two Suspects Arrested In Murder Of South Philadelphia Bartender

Authorities announced the arrests of two suspects Friday allegedly involved in the deadly stabbing of a South Philadelphia bartender last month.


Police: Pa. Rape By Bartender Caught On Camera

Police say the alleged after-hours rape of a female customer by a western Pennsylvania bartender has been captured on the tavern’s video surveillance cameras.


Police: Pa. Bartender Raped Unconscious Customer

Police say a western Pennsylvania bartender has been charged with raping a female customer after hours who claims she was unconscious and drugged at the time.