Autism Is Complex DiagnosisAutism is not a simple diagnosis to make - in fact it is quite complex and requires expert analysis and evaluation.
Autismate AppAutisMate, created originally for the developer's 10-year-old autisic brother, lets children with the disorder improve their social and communication skills.
Play Without Boundaries At Please Touch Museum'Play Without Boundaries' is a program for children with special needs playing out at museums across the country, including Philadelphia's Please Touch Museum.
Seminar Teaches Area First Responders How To Deal With People On Autism SpectrumNHS Human Services, a Montgomery County social services agency, has teamed up with members of law enforcement to develop a training seminar to educate first responders on how to deal with people who are on the autism spectrum.
Autism Warning Signs The American Academy of Pediatrics would like all children screened for autism twice by the age of two. Warning signs include babies who don’t babble at nine months and one-year-olds who don’t point to toys.

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