Autism Speaks

Buildings in Philadelphia go blue for World Autism Awareness Day. (credit: CBS)

Philadelphia Buildings Go Blue For World Autism Awareness Day

According to Autism Speaks, the day of awareness was established back in 2007 and aims to shed light on the disorder, which affects millions worldwide.


(Michael Rosanoff of Autism Speaks. Credit: David Cannon/Getty Images)

More Support Needed For Adults With Autism

“There’s no national plan or effort to really strategically deal with so many adults with autism coming into the system,” says Leslie Long, director of adult services for Autism Speaks, which conducted the survey.


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Treating Autism Early

Many parents who have had autistic children know that something’s wrong early in life. There may be no specific test but they have a sense something’s going on. Getting help early can make a difference.



Using DNA To Unlock The Mysteries Of Autism

Researchers at Rutgers have collected DNA samples from numerous families that have a single autistic child, in hopes of shedding some light on the disabling disorder.



Autism Warning Signs

The American Academy of Pediatrics would like all children screened for autism twice by the age of two. Warning signs include babies who don’t babble at nine months and one-year-olds who don’t point to toys.


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Thousands Walk For Autism Awareness

The 9th Annual Walk Now for Autism Speaks fundraising event took place at the Sports Complex Saturday morning.


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Philadelphia Firefighter Rows DC-to-NYC For Autism Awareness

A Philadelphia fire department captain, touched by the plight of families who have children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, has decided to raise money and awareness for the cause by rowing from Washington, DC to New York City.


Ventnor Woman Makes Second Attempt At Bubble Blowing World Record

The mother of an autistic child in New Jersey tried to break the world record for most people simultaneously blowing bubbles across multiple locations Friday.



Thousands Join In Walk For Autism Cure at Ballpark

Almost 14,000 people joined in the Walk Now For Autism Speaks in Philadelphia Saturday, with the hopes of raising money and increase awareness about the widespread disability.