Bald Men Perceived As More Attractive, Dominant, Study SaysResearchers at the University of Pennsylvania have released the results of a survey which found that men who have shed their hair are more attractive.
Bye, Bye Beards: Study Claims Facial Fuzz Less Attractive When TrendyIt’s a question we “mustache”: Are you over facial hair?
Better Looking Means Better PayYou can't actually hire, fire, or pay someone based on how attractive they are right? Wrong.
Study: Treating Sleep Apnea May Result In Better LooksThe study rated 20 middle-aged Americans on their looks before and after a treatment called continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP), which keeps the airway open by providing air through a mask.
Study: Plastic Surgery May Not Make You More Attractive To OthersYou really may be better off saving your cash and obeying the old adage to let yourself age gracefully.

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