Arlene Fisk

(US District Courthouse in Philadelphia.  File photo by Ed Fischer)

Son Says Father Told Him To Fake Small Plane Inspections at a Pa. Airport

Joel Stout, the son, has testified that he forged the signature of an FAA-certified inspector on several occasions because his father, Jay Stout, had told him to.


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Judge Imposes 128 Year Sentence On Man Convicted Of Violent Home Invasions

“And there is nothing about the nature of these crimes or the background that in any way causes the government to be at all alarmed that he is never getting out of jail again” prosecutor Arlene Fisk said. “That is frankly comforting.”



NJ Woman Admits Trying To Hire Hitman Via Internet Web Site

But defendant Melissa Mack tried to pay with stolen credit information, and Paypal held up the payment.