Archives of Internal Medicine

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African Americans At Higher Risk Of Stroke

A new study has looked at different ethnic groups and the link between high blood pressure and stroke. There is a very disturbing finding.



Report: Patients Favor Online Access To Medical Records

A new report in the Archives of Internal Medicine says patients like their medical records online, where they can get them with a click of a mouse.


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Studies Find Loneliness Can Affect Health

Two new studies in the Archives of Internal Medicine have taken a look at the toll loneliness can play on our health.


Study Shows Red Meat Is Bad For Your Health

We’ve known for quite some time that eating red meat is probably not that good for you. Well, it probably is as bad as you thought.


Smoking May Lead To Alzheimer’s

It has been documented that smoking increases the risk of most diseases but now a new report makes an interesting connection: people who smoke heavily in middle age could more than double their risk for Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia 20 years later.