City Councilman's Effort To Preserve Bees Swatted Down By Nutter AdministrationFourth District Councilman Curtis Jones is concerned that residents all too often call in exterminators when they find a bee hive on their property and the exterminators aren't trained to remove the hive without killing the bees.
No-Fee Pet Adoptions For 'Empty The Shelter'On the last day of the year, a local organization is offering no-fee pet adoptions as they try to "Empty the Shelter."
Hunting Park Shelter Offers Black Friday Discounts On PetsIt's reduced pet adoption prices at one animal shelter in Hunting Park Friday -- and black animals are free.
The PSPCA Foster Care Volunteer ProgramIf you have a desire to help homeless animals and make a difference, the Pennsylvania SPCA offers a special program for foster care.

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