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Massage Therapy Benefits Animals

A soothing and relaxing massage is not just for people. It has been used as a method to achieve successful rehabilitation in many animals including dogs, cats and horses.


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A Dog’s Tail Is Telling

Every dog’s tail is fully equipped with signals and messages meant for communication with us and with each other on a daily basis.


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Curbing Canine Begging Behavior

It’s a familiar sight as the family dog goes around the dinner table looking for a quick treat. But do your dog a favor and resist the potentially unhealthy behavior.


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Differences In The Way Dogs And Cats Communicate

Body language is an instinctive and extremely important source of communication for all animals but dogs and cats might get their signals crossed.


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As a canine behaviorist, I’ve seen that the most disconcerting form of communication – for most people and other dogs – is growling.


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Bite Inhibition

Bite inhibition is defined as a learned and conditioned response in which a dog consciously inhibits and controls the full force of his/her biting ability. It’s important for all dogs – and their owners.


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Bringing Your Outdoor Cat Inside

If your cat has spent a lot of time outdoors, is it possible to transition him/her to an indoor life?


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When To Train Your Dog

There is no time constraint to begin training your dog. Dogs can be trained as early as puppyhood and into their senior years. Yes, you CAN teach an old dog new tricks!



Inexpensive Way To Share Playtime With Your Cat

Playtime is an important activity in the life of your feline. Here are some inexpensive suggestions to help you make the most of it.


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Look To The Breed For Activity Guidelines

All dogs, regardless of mixed breeds or purebreds, may have some type of hereditary trait that can help you to determine what exercises and activities your dog would enjoy.


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Hyperactivity In Dogs

Just as in people, dogs have varying energy levels, whether it’s low, medium or high. However, hyperactivity is a different thing.


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Feline Prey Drive

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The felines’ predatory instinct and prey drive, although natural, is generally a learned behavior. The first teacher, of course, is their mother, as she brings food to her kittens and eventually shows […]


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Before You Adopt A Dog

Before you adopt a dog, it’s important to take into account how the dog’s overall energy level will harmonize with your own.


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Felines At Play

Cats, big or small, domesticated or wild, all love to prowl and chase. This natural sense of play helps cats both mentally and physically, keeping them fit, alert and healthy.


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Communication Is Essential For Training

Communication with your dog is an essential element before beginning any type of training or introducing any new behavior.