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Angie's List - When To Invest In Remodeling

Angie’s List: Avoiding Home Improvement Project Delays

When you get involved with any home improvement project it’s important to remember good planning is key to a smooth experience because any delays could end up costing time and money.



Angie’s List: Evening Out The Temperature In Your Home

Soon the cool air will move in and we’ll be turning up the heat. But do you ever find it hard to maintain an even temperature throughout your entire house? You’re not alone, it’s a problem many homeowners have.


Car repair

Angie’s List: Car Maintenance

Car trouble is a headache none of us want to deal with, but when your vehicle needs immediate attention, you want to make sure you’re leaving it in the hands of someone you trust.


Angie’s List: AC Coolant Changes

If you need to have coolant added to your air conditioner this summer, brace yourself, you might be in for a shock. In this week’s Angie’s List report, Jim Donovan explains how fixing that leak could cost you more than it has in years past.


AC Unit

Angie’s List: Air Conditioner Maintenance

Have the recent warm temperatures led you to turn on your AC?


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Angie’s List: Keeping Your Home Dry

April showers bring may flowers but that’s no all they bring. Sometimes you could end up with unwanted water in your home. In this week’s Angie’s List report, Jim Donovan shows you some things you should be doing to make sure you home stays dry.



Angie’s List: Appliance Maintenance & Repair

Most appliances hum along doing their thing for a decade or more — but sometimes they fail years before they should. In this week’s Angie’s List, Jim Donovan shows you some things you should be doing to keep them running smoothly.



Angie’s List: Home Remodeling Tips

This time of year many people are thinking of doing some remodeling. Updating things like your kitchen or bathroom can actually be a smart investment. But in this week’s Angie’s List, Jim Donovan shows you why you need to be smart when it comes to doing any upgrades.


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Angie’s List: Early Warning Signs Of Car Trouble

We rely on our cars daily to get us around but frequently we tend to overlook the early warning signs that something is wrong with our vehicles.



Angie’s List: Homeowner Insurance Coverage

When was the last time you looked at your homeowners’ insurance policy? Do you have enough coverage to replace your home should catastrophe strike? In this week’s Angie’s List Jim Donovan shows you how to make sure you’re covered.


Holiday Decorating

Angie’s List: Help With Holiday Decorations

Trimming the tree and decorating your home are some of the most enjoyable traditions of the holiday season, but there are many homeowners who just don’t have the time to get tangled up in the lights or grapple with a ladder.


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Angie’s List: Contractor Down Payments

We’ve all heard horror stories where someone gives a contractor a $5,000 down payment and then never hears from them again. An important part of a home improvement project is the down payment.



Angie’s List: Installing A Metal Roof

Are you thinking about having your roof replaced? Asphalt is one of the most popular materials but metal roofs are growing in popularity. In this week’s Angie’s List, Jim Donovan has a look at some things to consider if you’re thinking of installing a metal roof.



Angie’s List: What To Know Before You Replace Or Repair Your Roof

This time of year, many of us are making home improvements, like installing new windows and siding. But there’s another important feature of your home that shouldn’t be overlooked: the roof.


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Angie’s List: Health Care Costs

As health care costs continue to grow, more patients with coughs, colds or other minor health concerns are debating whether their ailments warrant a trip to the doctor’s office, or if they should tough it out and save some cash.