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Northampton Cell Towers

Both Sides Working Towards Settlement In Bucks County Cell Tower Battle

A judge issued a stay of proceedings; all sides have until August 31st to come up with a solution.


"The construction manager told me that I was getting a 25 foot cell pole on my property, that it was a done deal," Ed Bendzlowicz said.

Northampton Cell Tower Fight Headed To Federal Court

Township solicitor Michael Savona says the case will soon be going to US District Court after they filed a complaint against ATC, saying they’re violating the telecommunications act by building towers within 300 feet of residential neighborhoods.


(Photos by Lynne Adkins)

Northampton Township Neighborhood Fights Cell Towers

The manicured lawns in Village Shires are a point of pride for the neighborhood, but the latest yard work has left torn up grass and freshly dug ditches.