Allen Iverson

Dallas Mavericks (19-25)

Report: Allen Iverson Accused Of Abducting His Children

A report from TMZ says that Allen Iverson has been accused of abducting his own children.


Charlotte Bobcats v Philadelphia 76ers

Allen Iverson Picks Larry Brown As His Favorite Sixers Moment

Allen Iverson says his favorite Sixers moment is when the team hired Larry Brown.


Wilt Feature

Local Man Adds Wilt Chamberlain To His Sixers Tattoo

Local man adds a portrait of Wilt Chamberlain to his large, and growing, Sixers tattoo.


How Young Is Too Young To Leave Kids Home Alone?

How young is too young, legally, to leave a kid home alone?


Dallas Mavericks (19-25)

Report: Allen Iverson Loses Home In Foreclosure

TMZ reports that Allen Iverson lost his $4.5 million dollar home in foreclosure.


Philadelphia 76ers v Los Angeles Clippers

Allen Iverson Shoots Down D-League Rumors

Allen Iverson says he won’t play in the NBA D-League.


Philadelphia Eagles v Cleveland Browns

Spike Eskin: Michael Vick, Almost, And The Extra Inch

Spike Eskin: it doesn’t matter that Michael Vick almost threw an interception.


Boston Celtics v Philadelphia 76ers - Game Six

Allen Iverson Says He And Tyronn Lue Are ‘The Best Of Friends’

Allen Iverson talks about one of his most iconic moments as a Sixer.



Hughes On Iverson

94WIP’s Rhea Hughes shares her feelings on Allen Iverson and the excitement of Game 1 of the 2001 NBA Finals.  Watch the video…


Philadelphia 76ers v Los Angeles Clippers

Allen Iverson Plans On Attending Sixers Game Tonight

Allen Iverson plans on attending tonight’s game 6 at the Wells Fargo Center, sources have confirmed.


Allen Iverson's Birthday is June 7th

Allen Iverson Remembers His Connection With Philadelphia … And TGI Friday’s

Allen Iverson has a lot of great memories about the city of Philadelphia.


Philadelphia 76ers Allen Iverson addresses reporte

Ten Years Ago Today: Allen Iverson’s ‘Talkin’ About Practice’ Press Conference

Allen Iverson’s most famous press conference as a Sixer happened ten years ago today.


Ozzie Guillen

“Talkin’ About Practice” And Ozzie Guillen, When One Quote Ruins It All

Ozzie Guillen won’t be the first sports figure to let his mouth get in the way of his performance. Many are remembered best not for their play on the field, but for the things they said.


IL: Philadelphia 76ers v Chicago Bulls

Allen Iverson Won’t Join Dominican Republic Team

The manager for Allen Iverson says the former NBA star will not play for a team in the Dominican Republic.


(Credit: Getty Images)

Sideline Saul: The NBA Is Back

I know I’m in the minority but I am happy the NBA is back. Christmas aint Christmas without hoops. I’ll be enjoying the prime rib and watching all the games.