Aldine Street

(Phila. PD photo)

Mayfair Residents Meet With Police, Watch Groups To Discuss Tire Slashing Arrest

Residents in Mayfair joined community watch groups and police officials to discuss the aftermath of the arrest of alleged tire slasher David Toledo.


(File pboto of tire slashed)

Again: More Car Tires Slashed In Mayfair

Police are once again investigating numerous tire slashings in the city’s Mayfair section Monday.


(file image)

Mayfair Resident Falls Victim To Tire Vandalism, Again

Yet another act of vandalism has been reported in Mayfair. This time, one tire of a single vehicle was slashed.



Elderly Mayfair Woman Attacked By Female Intruder

A 94-year-old woman from Mayfair recalls a terrifying wakeup call. She says she woke up to find an intruder standing over her in her bedroom. The search continues for the intruder.