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Limits To Truth In Advertising

Doesn’t the law say that ads have to be truthful? Not exactly.


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I-Team Exclusive: Family Discovers Their Photo Is On Advertisements Around The World

Picture this – you snap a photo of your family and post it online. Next thing you know is your photo has been hijacked and companies around the world are using it without your permission.


Darrell Clarke (credit: Steve Tawa.)

Clarke To Unveil Plan To Wrap City Owned Property In Advertisements

“We think it’s very important, as I’ve said time after time, to create revenue opportunities for the city other than sticking our hands into the citizens’ pockets and increasing taxes.” Clarke said.


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Brothers’ Business Idea Takes Reading In The Bathroom To A Whole New Level

Twenty-two-year-old Jordan Silverman and his 18-year-old brother Bryan have a novel business plan: They want to print advertisements on toilet paper.


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Mobile Security Firm Says Your Smartphone Ads May Know Too Much About You

Most smartphone users don’t hesitate to tap ‘OK’ when a newly-installed app asks for permission to use certain features on the device. But, a mobile security firm finds some big privacy risks in that practice.



Dish Network’s ‘Hopper’ Has TV Executives Seething

Dish Network is out with a new feature for its DVR that makes it simple to skip all the commercials. ‘The Hopper’ has TV networks hopping mad.


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DRPA Looking To Permit Advertisements At PATCO Train Stations

The Delaware River Port Authority is looking at an advertising deal by SEPTA and wondering if it can do the same for the cash-strapped train system.


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Video Time Machine App

Time travel has become reality with the Video Time Machine app, a compendium of over 10,000 videos, some dating back as far as 1860.



Why Is Pat’s Advertising?

Pat’s Steak’s in South Philadelphia usually has lines around the block, so you wouldn’t think it would need to advertise. But some wacky Pat’s ads have begun popping up.