Adriano Sotomayor

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UPDATE: Con Man Who Targeted Nuns, Priests Gets Lengthy Prison Sentence

Federal authorities have sentenced an admitted con man who targeted nuns, priests and others in a so-called advance fee scam with devastating personal results to 18 years in prison.


(Graphic by Ed Fischer)

NJ Con Man Pleads Not Guilty To Ripping Off Elderly Puerto Rican Nun and Others

Adriano Sotomayor is accused of cheating more than 50 victims, starting with an elderly nun in Puerto Rico who was told to send “fees” to collect on an inheritance.


(Graphic by Ed Fischer)

Cape May Man Nabbed In Alleged Scam Of Nuns In Puerto Rico And Pennsylvania

Adriano Sotomayor had been on the lam for more than three months before being nabbed in Las Vegas. He is charged with bilking one elderly nun out of a quarter of a million dollars.