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Effects Of Lead Exposure On Student Achievement

While lead has been linked to negative school performance among poor and African American students, little has been done for affected children.


(Gov. Tom Corbett.  File photo by Tony Romeo)

Criticism Flares Around New Pa. Graduation Tests

It seemed to hit the Capitol like a brick: a sudden groundswell of criticism over a move by Gov. Tom Corbett and the Pennsylvania State Board of Education to toughen academic achievement standards and tie them to graduation tests for the state’s roughly 1.7 million public and charter school students.



Turning Around A Low Achieving School

With most of its students performing below or at grade level, new principal Suzanne Gimenez, was one of 26 administrators charged with turning a school around in one of Charlotte-Mecklenburg’s neediest schools.


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Is A Longer School Day Better?

The Center for Public Education has examined the claim that children in India and China spend 25 to 30 percent longer in school than American kids. Turns out — it’s not true.


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Creating Paths For Successful Adulthood

A new report out of Harvard argues that US education is too narrowly focused on an academic, classroom-based approach with only incremental gains in achievement, while other countries have outpaced us.


Rendell Boasts of PA Student Achievement Scores

Governor Rendell is crowing about the final round of student achievement tests during his eight years in office.