Regional Affairs Council – July 2011

superstorm show top 4 Regional Affairs Council   July 2011

Part 1: How Vulnerable Is The NJ Shore?

Is the New Jersey coastline overdue for a direct impact from a hurricane? KYW’s Mike DeNardo reports.


Part 2: Recalling Previous Devastation

KYW’s Mike DeNardo reports that Jersey shore residents are preparing for storms of the future amid memories of storms of the past.


Part 3: New Building Codes and Standards

KYW’s John McDevitt reports that many New Jersey coastal communities have stronger building standards in place today because of earlier hurricanes — notably Hurricane Katrina in 2005.


Part 4: Evacuate!

Local, state, and federal agencies have been meeting regularly to coordinate efforts on a emergency plan should a hurricane hit the Jersey shore this summer. KYW’s John McDevitt reports.


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