Regional Affairs Council — August 2012

robocop banner 2  ef Regional Affairs Council — August 2012(Graphic by Ed Fischer)

.Are red-light cameras fair?  Are they safe?

Are we rapidly losing our privacy rights as traffic monitoring by local governments around the Delaware Valley goes high-tech?

KYW’s Ian Bush presents this four-part KYW Regional Affairs Council special report…

Part 1: A Spy In Your Car

“Black boxes” are becoming more common in cars. They’re designed to record information about the vehicle at the time of an accident, and even give those behind the wheel a shot at lowering their insurance bills.


Part 2: Watching From… Everywhere

EZ Pass is one of a number of technologies used for traffic management that — for some — stoke privacy concerns.


Part 3: Redlight Camera Controversy

Do red-light cameras reduce accidents, or cause them? There are impassioned arguments on both sides.


Part 4: Is It Safety, or Revenue?

New Jersey’s trial run for red light cameras suffered a setback earlier this summer after critics charged the “yellow” was turning to “red” too fast in some cases.


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