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CBS 3 Pet Project: Volunteering With PSPCA Benefits Animals And Volunteers

Carol Erickson sits down with CBS 3’s Jan Carabeo to discuss how volunteering at the PSPCA can not only benefit the animals, but the volunteer as well.


Caring For Your Aging Pet

As our pets age, we have to take special care to meet with their changing needs.


Cat Safety Collars

It may be difficult at first to get your free-spirited cat to wear a collar but in the end it’s worth it. It could just save your cat’s life.


Bloat In Dogs

Bloat is an extremely serious illness of which most people are unaware even exists.


Dangers Of Declawing

There have been many misconceptions regarding the declawing of a cat. Before any decisions are made, it’s best that you are fully aware of the facts first.


Reasons Why Dogs Are Fearful Of Caps, Hats And Beards

As a canine behavior specialist, I am always asked these types of questions: “Why is my dog afraid of my husband in a baseball cap?” or “Why is he barking at my friend who he knows whenever she wears a hat?”


Reasons Dogs Consume Grass And Dirt

It seems that every dog consumes a bit of grass every now and then without posing an issue but when it (like anything else) becomes excessive, it’s time to take notice.


Your Dog’s Nose Knows…Instinctively

Your dog’s nose certainly knows a lot of information. Dogs accurately rely on their sense of smell for almost everything. It’s how they recognize the world around them.


High Rise Syndrome

Now that it’s warm, many people open their windows to enjoy a breeze or two but make sure to keep your pets safe in the process.


Canine Socialization

For dogs, socialization is extremely important. They are pack animals, after all, and without socialization, there is potential for a dog to become fearful, anxious, lonely and isolated. Unfortunately, this can bring on severe stress and unpredictable behavior.


Metronomic Chemotherapy For Canines

Metronomic Chemotherapy offers smaller but more frequent doses of chemotherapy medication and instead of directly attacking the tumor, it seeks out the cells that line the blood vessels to the tumor thereby blocking the blood supply to the cancerous growth.


Heatstroke In Dogs And Cats

Heatstroke in dogs and cats is an emergency situation.


Canine Humping Behavior

Observe your dog for other signals to see if fear, stress or excitement is a factor. Redirect beforehand and create structure for your dog to follow daily. If growling or biting accompanies this behavior, seek the help of a professional.


Reasons Not To Shave Your Dog In The Summer

It may seem necessary to you to shave your dog in the hot summer months, but it seems to be in their best interest NOT to, and here’s why.


Soaring Temperatures In Parked Cars

With summer’s intense heat, we must keep in mind the safety of our companion animals.


Breeds Have Traits But Every Dog Is Different

Your dog is as unique as you are so when it comes to breed specific information, don’t choose a dog based on generalizations.


Hot Summer Surfaces May Burn Dogs’ Paws

Severe injury, infection and burns to the pads of your dog’s paws could develop quickly by allowing your dog to walk on hot pavement and other hot surfaces.


Give Your Dog A Task Each Day

All dogs, regardless of age, size or breed, have an instinctive need to fulfill a daily task.


Report Animal Cruelty

Animal cruelty is a crime. Every state now has protection for dogs and cats regarding animal cruelty laws and a majority of states regard abuse as felonies.


Your Dog’s Leg May Lock

If your dog’s kneecap jumps out of its natural groove or luxates sideways, it causes the leg to lock. This is not uncommon and it may be painful.


Managing Your Senior Dog’s Arthritis

Senior dogs, regardless of size or breed, may develop arthritis and a stiffening of joint or leg muscles. Consult your vet.


Why Dogs Dig

Your dog is never doing this out of spite or anger. It is, in many breeds, an instinctive behavior but often it’s due to a need not being met.


Introducing Cats Takes Time – And Distance

When introducing cats to each other, it’s always best to separate them initially for a period of time.


Caring For Your Senior Cat

As cats age, particularly from the ages of 8-10 and older, extra care is needed to keep them healthy and happy.


Dogs Naturally Imitate One Another

Allelomimetic behavior in canines is an imitative behavior that can begin as young as 5 weeks old.


Beware Pet Poisons In Your Purse

Gum, candy, medications and inhalers could be lethal to pets.


Caged Dogs May Display ‘Barrier Aggression’

Barrier Aggression is a type of canine aggressive behavior in which a dog feels trapped or threatened in an enclosed area.


Plant Your Garden With Pets In Mind

Here are some gardening safety tips to keep your companion animals safe and sound.


Pet Adoption Events This Weekend

The Morris Animal Refuge and the AWA both have adoption events this weekend.


Mother Your Pets

Mothers truly do know best. And it’s true in the animal world as well.


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