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Ok, This Is It

By Merrill Reese: Ok this is it.  At least, this is it part one.   Or maybe, after last week, part two. The Eagles meet the Cowboys at 4PM tomorrow, but I’m even more nervous about the Jets and Giants. Its tough when a team can’t control Its own destiny, but believe me if the Jets […]


Jason Peters Is One Of The Best

By Merrill Reese: Who’s the best athlete on the Eagles? Is it Michael Vick, Shady McCoy, DeSean Jackson?  How about Samuel or Asomugha? Center Jason Kelce nominates his linemate, left tackle Jason Peters.  He flows into a play, he explodes into his target, and for a man his size he exhibits uncanny balance and speed. […]


Brent Celek Deserves Praise

By Merrill Reese: He may not be one of the Eagles so-called marquee names but let me tell you Brent Celek is terrific. As a tight end there are times when he’s out of the spotlight handling blocking assignments and he’s good at that, but include him in the passing game and Brent really shines, […]


This Is One Unbelievable Season

By Merrill Reese: I don’t believe this season. We thought the Eagles were dead after the Arizona loss and they followed with an exciting win at the Giants. After getting killed by the Patriots and humiliated at Seattle we were sure it was over. Two weeks later there is still a pulse.  If the Jets […]


A Day Of Amazement And Broken Records

By Merrill Reese: Records fell as the Eagles buried the Jets 45-19 yesterday at The Linc and stayed alive in the NFC East. Shady McCoy scored three rushing touchdowns to eclipse the season touchdown total and the season rushing touchdown total of Steve Van Buren set back in 1945. Jason Babin recorded three sacks and […]


Shady McCoy Is The Eagles Only Ray Of Light

By Merrill Reese: Shady McCoy is the bright spot in an Eagles season that gives the phrase, “lackluster” new depth. Shady’s now gained well over 1100 rushing yards and he’s scored 15 touchdowns. The Eagles record is 18 touchdowns set by the great Steve Van Buren back in 1945, so watching Shady build on his […]


An Eagle-Less Weekend May Have Been Therapy

By Merrill Reese: The weekend felt weird without an Eagles game but with the way things have been going, it was probably therapeutic for all of us. It’ll be interesting to see how the Eagles approach Sunday’s game in Miami. Hopefully Michael Vick will be back which should at least make things competitive.  Even with […]


Both Eagles And Seahawks Are 4-7

By Merrill Reese: It is the Eagles and the Seahawks tonight here in Seattle.


Eagles Head West To Seattle

By Merrill Reese: The Eagles depart for Seattle today.  They hardly had time to get over that Patriots disaster but what can they do?  That’s part of Thursday night football, although I honestly don’t think four days is fair for a team flying cross country.  On the other hand, maybe its good to get that […]


Your Frustration Is Understandable

By Merrill Reese: I can’t remember a season quite like this one.  To call it disappointing is an understatement. Yes the Eagles made changes and yes they had the lockout that robbed them of OTA’s but 31 other teams faced that also and 18 of those teams have more than four wins.  Injuries hurt but […]


Tough Night At The Linc

By Merrill Reese: It couldn’t have started better, or finished more disturbingly as the New England Patriots beat the Eagles 38-20 at The Linc. The Eagles scored the first ten points and then it was all Tom Brady and his slew of receivers.  It was basically no contest in the second half. Next up a […]


The Win We’ve Been Waiting For

By Merrill Reese: It was a wonderful night for the Eagles as they relinquished a 4th quarter lead but came back to take another lead and beat the New York Giants 17-10 at The Meadowlands. Vince Young threw three interceptions but still made enough big plays to pull the Eagles over the top.  The defense […]


Sunday’s Game With Arizona Looks Good On Paper

Merrill Reese: Its The Eagles and Arizona Sunday at The Linc.  On paper it looks like a win, but this game isn’t played on paper. Statistically the Eagles edge the Bears in almost every category going into the game, and you know how that turned out. This is The NFL where if you don’t play […]


Where Do We Go From Here?

By Merrill Reese: Where do they go from here? The Eagles have put their playoff intentions into a 3rd and long. The most disturbing part of the season is the patterns that began in week two and continued through Monday night.  Too many turnovers, too many dropped passes and relinquished fourth quarter leads in four […]


Tough To Aim Blame

By Merrill Reese: Its tough to blame any one segment for this team’s 3-5 half season. Andy Reid always says there’s enough pieces of the pie to go around, although this hardly tastes like pie. There’s always one series that stands out as a turning point.  To me, it took place in the third quarter.  […]


Eric Allen and Jim Johnson To Be Honored

By Merrill Reese: As if Eagles/Dallas on a national stage isn’t special enough, the halftime ceremony makes it even more so. Eric Allen and the late Jim Johnson will be inducted into The Eagles honor roll. Allen was all-pro almost every year and he provided some of the most exhilirating interception returns I’ve ever seen. […]


Ronnie Brown Brings Character To Birds

By Merrill Reese: Unfortunately the moment most remembered so far in Ronnie Brown’s brief Eagles career is that pass-run option that blew up against The 49ers. The Eagles traded him to Detroit at the deadline and they got him back when the trade was voided.  Instead of sulking about not being wanted, he came in […]


Eagles / Dallas Almost Here!

By Merrill Reese: May these next four days fly by.  The anticipation of an Eagles, Dallas game is tremendous and this one is steeped in significance. After an awful month The Eagles played better at Washington but they’re still in a hole.  Beating Dallas would provide and enormous lift, both psychologically and in the NFC […]


Eagles Position In NFC East Isn’t That Bad

By Merrill Reese: Even after a 2-4 start The Eagles are right in the NFC East mix. The Redskins are reeling after losing to Carolina Sunday. They’re now 3-3. They Cowboys are also 3-3 so The Eagles could catch them with a win Sunday night. At the moment The Giants are in the driver’s seat […]


Birds And Boys Will Be Huge!

By Merrill Reese: Ok my least favorite weekend has passed and its time to get back to business. I love the build up to big games and when that big game is Eagles vs. Dallas on a national Sunday night stage its even better. With The Eagles in a 2-4 hole this is huge!  The […]


Lack Of OTA’s Could Have Led to Disappointing Season Start

By Merrill Reese: For years players have grumbled about the OTA’s, Off-season Training Activities, practice in April, May and June.  Now guys are actually telling me that they understand their necessity. Years ago training camps lasted six or seven weeks, now its in and out. There’s no doubt that the coaching staff changes along with […]


Todd Herremans Deserves Recognition

By Merrill Reese: Its easy to applaud the guys out in the open.  The quarterback, the running back, wide outs, even the pass rushers and defenders.  All too often the offensive linemen are ignored unless they make mistakes. How about a nice salute for Eagles tackle or guard Todd Herremans.  So far he’s lined up […]


Kurt Coleman Riding High After Win

By Merrill Reese: You just have to love the way Kurt Coleman stepped up against The Redskins. He had a career day with three interceptions.  At 5’11” 195lbs he isn’t a big safety and his clock speed dropped into the seventh round of last year’s draft but the Ohio State grad is smart and tough […]


Bye Comes At The Right Time

By Merrill Reese: It would figure just after The Eagles taste success and lift our spirits we have to wait two weeks for the next game. Actually this is a pretty good time for the bye.  They can take time off with a positive feeling and can give two of their best players more time […]


Birds End Losing Streak With Pick Record

By Merrill Reese:  The Eagles took at 20-0 lead and hung on for dear life as they ended their four game losing streak with a 20-13 win over The Redskins in Landover, MD. The much maligned Eagles defense came up big as Kurt Coleman became the first Eagle in 45 years to come up with […]


Time To Win With Football Basics

By Merrill Reese: Eagles and The Redskins Sunday down there. I’m tired of looking at matchups or comparing rosters.  I’ve done that the last month and it doesn’t hold water. If The Eagles can stop The Redskins running game and if they can stop turning over the football they’ll win, but getting gashed time and […]


The Key To Winning Could Be Defense

By Merrill Reese: I still believe in that old adage that offense sells tickets, but defense wins games. Look at the once bumbling but now undefeated Detroit Lions.  They’ve got some talented offensive playmakers, a gifted young quarterback in Matthew Stafford and a remarkable wide receiver in Calvin Johnson but the player who has changed […]


Could Overcorrection Be Part Of The Eagles Problem?

By Merrill Reese: In theory, each game stands alone.  Each week presents a new opportunity to rectify problems and get back on track. Losing, like winning, affects a team’s psyche.  Take the cases of Jeremy Maclin and Jason Avant.  Maclin’s a premier receiver and Avant is one of the best slot guys in the NFL […]


Eagles Make It Difficult To Remain Optimistic

By Merrill Reese: It’s difficult to remain optimistic when week after week The Eagles find ways to lose. It’s not one thing, It’s a combination of physical mistakes and mental lapses.  Just when you think they’ve shifted into high gear, they stall. A string of four losses, no matter how painful, doesn’t end their season, […]


Devastating Disappointment In Bills Loss

By Merrill Reese: It was a devastating disappointment for The Eagles yesterday in Buffalo where they lost to The Bills 31-24. The Eagles spotted The Bills a 21-7 halftime lead.  The Bills stretched it to 31-14 and then The Eagles came roaring back, they made it a 7 point game in the 4th quarter but ultimately […]


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