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Autism Is Complex Diagnosis

Autism is not a simple diagnosis to make – in fact it is quite complex and requires expert analysis and evaluation.


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Multiple Factors Contributing To Obesity

There has been a great deal of talk recently about obesity and all of the contributing factors that we may or may not be aware of.


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Young Viewers Influenced By TV Ads That Glorify Drinking

A growing number of adolescents are drinking and drinking to extremes in part because of the message in advertisements.


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Young Female Drivers At Increased Risk Of Fatal Alcohol-Related Car Accident

In a recent study, young females drivers increased their proportion of alcohol-related crashes by three percent.


Chorus & Singing Lessons

Singing Makes You Smarter

Learning to sing promotes structural changes in the brain that help you learn.


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The Benefits Of Brown – Unpolished – Rice

Brown is the color of all rice before it goes through the entire process of polishing – a process that also strips it of most benefits.


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Headaches May Indicate Eyestrain

When we talk about eyestrain we often think of people in their forties or fifties, but it is not a problem limited to just older people.


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How To Care For Someone With Cancer

If you have a loved one with cancer understand that it is normal to feel somewhat helpless and frustrated. You may not know how to help but there are many things you can do.


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Diabetic Diet Is For Everyone

Diets aimed at diabetics are good for everyone and can help non diabetics and other family members control weight and improve health.


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Stomach Issues Related To Brain Issues

Research on the connection between your gut and your brain is still in its infancy.


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Managing Motion Sickness

There are steps you can take to avoid motion sickness – drive instead of ride in a car, sit in the front of the bus and claim an over-wing seat on planes.


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Stress May Increase Risk For Ulcers

Your body’s natural response to stress can increase the amount of acid in your stomach and stress can also affect an area of your brain.


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Why Fad Diets Don’t Work

Crash diets: they are a trend and they are popular but very few can deliver long term results.


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Exercise As You Age

As you age, you can keep your metabolism high by strength-training twice a week and relieve stress and depression through exercise.


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Living With Atrial Fibrillation

It sounds frightening but many people with atrial fibrillation live long, active lives. Still, it shouldn’t be ignored.