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Medical Reports

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The Importance Of Continued Mental Health Care

The healthcare system in the United States is stressed, but the area that faces the most financial pressure may very well be the area of mental health.


A New Ally In Bacterial Resistance

Bacterial resistance is a major problem in the United States.


New Study Looks At Weight Gain In Pregnancies

It is a well known fact that during pregnancy, too much weight gain, or too little weight gain, are often associated with medical issues in the baby once the child is born.


The Link Between Cirrhosis And Strokes

We know that alcohol abuse can have a major impact on a person’s health, and the organ that can get impacted the most is the liver.


More Dementia Patients Being Treated At Home

There is no doubt that the incidence of dementia is on the rise in this country.


Being Heavier Could Be Costing You More In Medical Care

We are a nation fighting an obesity epidemic with numbers skyrocketing.


Slowing Down This Summer Could Be Better For Your Health

For many of us this time of the year means graduation, wedding, and your kids are involved in all kinds of sports that require parents involvement.


Palliative Care Could Be Less Aggressive Option

Family doctors and emergency department physicians are being asked to deal with major medical issues associated with care.


Adrian Peterson torn meniscus

Handling Meniscus Tears At Different Ages

Tears to the meniscus of the knee can be career-threatening for young athletes.



Avoiding Sepsis In Hospitals

Sepsis is a major cause of death in patients.


New Ways To Help Quit Smoking

I have spent my career trying to help people quit smoking cigarettes.


Walking (Photo Credit: Thinkstock)

Older Adults Report Difficulty With Walking

The numbers are somewhat startling: one in four older adults report having difficulty walking.


Protecting Your Skin Against The Sun This Summer

Already, thanks to a mild spring, we’re getting out in the sun, but with that exposure we must remember sun-protective factors.


Living With A Chronic Condition

When people are diagnosed with a chronic condition like high blood pressure or diabetes, they may initially feel defeated or as if they are somehow flawed.


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Getting Exercise In The Summer

When most of us think about the summer time we think of fresh air and an opportunity to get out there and exercise.


Improving Trust Between Patient And Physician

A hallmark of the patient-physician relationship is trust.


Drinking Then Driving Remains Concern As Summer Approaches

As we prepare for the summer I have a bit of common sense health advice.


Psychological Impact Of Bullying Can Be Life Long Issue

Studies have shown that the psychological impact of bullying can be a lifelong issue for not just the victims, but the bullies themselves.


Data Collection Makes Giving Proper Healthcare Easier

Guidelines in health care are becoming more and more commonplace as we use computers more often, and are able to collect data.


Medical Researchers Still Puzzled On Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s Disease remains one of the most puzzling conditions that modern medicine is facing.


Risk Of Migraines Could Be Linked To Weight

Sometimes, it is good not to be at the extremes. In other words, just be average.


Reducing The All-Cause Mortality Rate

There is interesting news from Sweden: the risk for all-cause and cardiovascular mortality have declined among patients with diabetes in that country.


Linking Alcohol Use And Dreary Weather

Do people drink more alcohol when the temperatures are low and the weather is bleak?


Journal Reports Rise In Number Of Strokes In Younger People

A disturbing trend in our nation’s health reported in the journal JAMA Neurology.


Another Reason To Be Wary Of Opioids

There is yet another reason to worry about the use of opioids.


Where You Live Could Impact Healthcare Costs

It is an issue that is becoming increasingly noticeable as studies are performed looking at ways to reduce hospital costs.


rock n roll half marathon

How A Marathon Can Impact Those Outside Of The Race

People are training for marathon season but, according to a new report from the New England Journal of Medicine, we often think of risks to runners but we often ignore those living close to the race.


The Importance Of Nurses In Hospital Care

One of the most important parts of a patient’s care in the hospital is nursing.


Report: College Students Overestimate How Much Peers Drink

Our perceptions of other people are often different than reality.


Study: Overweight People May Have Lower Pain Tolerance

It’s a fascinating concept. Could our weight affect the way we perceive pain?


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