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Could Your Abdominal Pain Actually Be From Allergies?

It is a terrible feeling, and we have all felt it: the combination of abdominal pain and diarrhea.


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Physicians Try New Techniques To Test For Allergies

We have excellent techniques for allergy testing.


CDC Weighs In On Tuberculosis In The United States

There was a time when tuberculosis was a major killer in this country.


Fitness Trackers, Helping Or Hampering Your Health?

I am a big fan of all of those fitness tracking devices that are on the market.


Arthritis Could Be Linked To Obesity, Study Finds

There is new research in the journal Arthritis Care that obesity could be linked to arthritis.


Telemedicine Could Be The Answer To Proper Care For Diabetes

As a family physician, one of the most common issues I deal with is my patients’ struggles with diabetes.


Rise In Diabetes Could Be Linked To Global Warming

Global warming is a very hot topic.


Report: Some Supplements Not As Helpful As Advertised

Selenium and Vitamin E have been highly touted as supplements that help prevent prostate cancer and dementia.


Music Helps With CPR Training, Study Shows

Music plays a very important role in our lives and a growing role in medical studies.


Observation: Blood Thinner Could Increase Risk For Hip Fractures

People with atrial fibrillation placed on Coumadin may be more prone to fractures of the hip.


Overweight Men At Higher Risk For Liver Disease, Study Finds

According to a Swedish study, young men who were overweight or obese had a higher risk of developing severe liver disease or liver cancer later in life.


The Importance Of A Healthy Breakfast

According to just about every major study, breakfast is the most important meal the day.


Many Heart Attacks Involve Symptoms Not Easy To Detect, Researchers Find

According to the North Carolina researchers, up to 40% of heart attacks involve symptoms that are not so simple to detect.


How To Slow Loss Of Muscle Mass As We Age

Over time, we can lose muscle mass in places like our arms, shoulders, and legs. It’s a natural part of the aging process. So how do you prevent it—or at least slow it down?


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It’s Okay To Enjoy A Short-Term Splurge

There are dozens of studies which support the fact that short-term splurges are not the things that lead to weight problems and chronic elevations in cholesterol and triglyceride.


Treating Somatoform Disorder

It is a problem where people have excessive health anxiety. They’re preoccupied with their health and potential problems. The condition is called somatoform disorder.


Decreasing Alcohol-Related Highway Fatalities

If you want to decrease the number of highway deaths for teens and young adults there needs to be stricter control of alcohol use and abuse.


The Health Benefits Of Mediterranean Diet

According to a major study conducted in Spain, a Mediterranean diet rich in virgin olive oil improved high-density lipoprotein or good cholesterol function in all people — especially those with high-cardiovascular risk.


How To Keep A Healthy Heart

When most people think about Valentine’s Day, they think about hearts.


The Fight Against Alzheimers

The biggest barrier is trying to find a specific cause of alzheimers.


The Answer To An ‘Age-Old’ Question

The search for the Fountain of Youth is the subject of numerous books and articles. Today the search continues, but not on a boat or a safari.


Preventing School Violence

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the problem is actually not as bad as we might think on a national level.


Prescription Medications And The Elderly

As doctors, we try to do the best for our elderly patients and sometimes we need to prescribe many medications. But this may not always be a good.


Preventing Hip Fractures

Hip fractures in the elderly. It is a leading cause of disability and death.


Ulcerative Colitis: Symptoms & Risks

Ulcerative Colitis is the direct cause of 20,000 hospital admissions every year.


The Growing Problem Of Meth Use

The drug is known as meth or crystal meth, but whatever you call it, methamphetamine abuse is a growing problem.


The Rising Problem Of Binge Drinking

The devastating statistics show there were 11-million underage drinkers in this country with 7.2 million binge drinkers.


Obesity And Cancer

The more weight you carry on your body, the greater the odds of developing cancer.


Metabolic Syndrome Is Real

Metabolic syndrome is a warning that you can prevent other problems.


Skin Cancer Detection

Malignant melanoma is the most serious form of skin cancer and despite public education and screening, the incidence of melanoma continued to rise over the past seven years.


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