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Medical Reports

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Report: Getting Along With Others Is Good For Your Health

According to numerous well documented studies, if you try to get along with others, your day will go more smoothly, you’ll be happier, and yes, healthier.


Is It Better For Children If Arguing Parents Separate Rather Than Stay In A Hostile Relationship?

Is it better for the children if arguing parents separate rather than stay in a hostile relationship?


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The Key To A Healthy Breakfast

According to just about every major study, breakfast is the most important meal the day. Many of the same studies show that children who eat breakfast do better in school.


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A Heart Attack Can Be A Life Altering Event

A heart attack can be a life altering event. Even when it’s caught early and treated effectively, a victim of a heart attack can’t help but feel vulnerable and have a different outlook on life.


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Teens And Weight Training

If you have teenagers or preteens playing competitive sports you might be wondering when it is time to have them start lifting weights to build strength.


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Exercise May Help People With Existing Cognitive Impairment

It is a medical fact that keeps being confirmed in study after study. Engaging in modest exercise may help people with existing cognitive impairment or what may be thought of as early signs of Alzheimer’s disease.


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Children And Medications

If you have questions you should talk with your physician or the pharmacist about different medicines — not just the prescription medication, but over-the-counter products as well. Simple communication now can prevent major problems later.


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Working With A Speech Pathologist

If a child has an opportunity to work with a speech pathologist and parents are involved in the program, one out of two stutterers will improve.


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What Are The Symptoms Of Spider Bites?

The most common spiders that attack are recluse spiders. Most of these bites occur in the early morning wherever bed linen, bed clothes, or other garments squeeze the female spider between fabric and the victim’s skin.


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Analyzing Medical Studies

Medical studies are like chapters in a book. They all play a role in the overall story. There is no doubt each chapter is important, but rarely is a finding all-encompassing.


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What Are Gout Symptoms?

Gout is associated with high fat and definitely purine-rich foods and uric acid is the culprit that is associated with gout.


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Do You Think Your Children Are Spending Too Much Time On Video Games?

The fact that kids are spending too much time playing video games is well documented and for those of us in health care it is a major concern when we talk about risk factors for obesity.


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Article Addresses Role Of Physicians, Health Care Providers Taking Care Of Refugees

The volume is great and in the article they say major challenges included communication.


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What Is An ICD-10?

It is called ICD-10 and unless you are a physician or a coder, a person who bills for physicians, it should not be your concern.


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