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By Glen Macnow

We live in one of the world’s great restaurant cities. You can get it all – Chinese, Middle Eastern, Italian and the best sandwiches in America. Whatever cuisine you favor, in Philadelphia it’s going to be delicious.

Thing is, you can now get it all without even walking into a restaurant. Some of the best meals are being served in Styrofoam boxes, with plastic forks or break-apart chopsticks. Most will set you back less than 10 bucks. Philadelphia has become a great food truck town.

From the campuses of Temple, Drexel and Penn; from the Navy Yard to Love Park, and from every corner of the city where pop-up food truck festivals are held, food trucks are thriving. I did a quick internet search recently and found 951 in the Delaware Valley. I’m sure there are hundreds more. Some are just your basic breakfast carts or cheesesteak grills, but others will serve you everything – from soul food to cheese curds, from pierogis to fresh-baked cupcakes.

And so this year’s food hunt – my 10th at WIP – is going to focus on finding the best food trucks in Philadelphia and the Delaware Valley.

(FYI – My prior hunts have included ribs, pizza, hoagies, cheesesteaks, hot sandwiches, beer, bacon and –twice – burgers.)

I won’t get to all 951. But I do vow to try 50 food trucks in the next 50 days. That’s an eating frenzy, but you can’t scrimp on the research.

Each day, you’ll find a review at this site. And twice a week, I’ll join Angelo Cataldi and the 94WIP Morning team to present  the best ones along the way.

And you can help. If you’ve got a favorite, send me the info via Facebook (Glen Macnow) or on Twitter (@realglenmacnow). Trust me, if several people recommend the same place, I’ll definitely check it out.

It all culminates on Saturday, May 14, when we’ll hold the Food Truck Frenzy Finals at the Valley Forge Casino. You’ll be invited (free!) to come try the best I’ve found and vote for your favorite.





Macnow's Food Truck Scores (X / 100)

  • Calle del Sabot - 85
  • Dump N' Roll - 77
  • Ka'Chi - 74
  • Foolish Waffles - 91
  • Mom Mom's Polish Food Cart - 85
  • Mucho Bueno - 82
  • Happy Sunshine - 74
  • Schmear It - 80
  • Sweet Lavender - 63
  • Chez Yasmine - 85
  • Happy Pita - 81
  • The Creperie at Temple - 89
  • Waffles and Wedges - 70
  • Bonjour Creperie - 75
  • T&N Homemade Kitchen - 54
  • Unique Greek - 77
  • Mama's Meatballs - 94
  • Grubaholics - 61
  • Cow and the Curd - 86
  • Gigi's and Big R - 81
  • Wood Fired Pizza - 66
  • Cheese E. Wagon - 78
  • Sugar Philly - 86
  • Cucina Zapata - 95
  • Los Compadres - 80
  • Flying Deutschman - 89
  • Milk + Sugar - 81
  • Sum Pig - 80
  • Brotherly Grub - 71
  • Buttercream Cupcake Lady - 67
  • Rio Brazilian Steak - 93
  • Korea House - 82
  • House of Pita - 48
  • Chicken Heaven - 85
  • Taco's Don Memo - 86
  • Bui's Lunch Truck - 55
  • Insomnia Cookies - 75
  • Mac Mart - 93
  • Temple Teppanyaki - 72

Food Truck Review: No. 41

Calle del Sabot has a simple Mexican menu – three tacos for $10.

9 hours ago


Food Truck Review: No. 40

The veggie banh mi bi chay vegetarian pork hoagie was $6, and it packed a lot onto a crispy long roll.



Food Truck Review: No. 39

So we ordered up the wild boar sandwich for $12 and expected to have a fine afternoon.



Food Truck Review: No. 38

Loved the pork-shrimp shrimp spring roll.



Food Truck Review: No. 37

Ka’ Chi bills itself as “Korean with a twist.”



Food Truck Review: No. 36

Foolish Waffles’ owner, Robin Admana, studied at LaSalle, and then worked for a law firm in Brussels.



Food Truck Review: No. 35

For $8, Mom-Mom’s offers up a generous plate of pierogis, those delicious dumplings of dough filled with cheese, potato or meat.



Food Truck Review: No. 34

The tacos are $4 each or 3 for $10.



Food Truck Review: No. 33

Happy Sunshine gets credit for opening at 6 a.m. And give them points, too, for being inexpensive.



Food Truck Review: No. 32

David Fine, a Penn grad, started the truck three years ago.



Food Truck Review: No. 31

We hit up this dessert pastry truck at the Manayunk Streat Festival in early April.



Food Truck Review: No. 30

The Wistar, a sandwich of chicken, French brie, sautéed mushrooms, avocado, basil pesto, herbs de Provence, all served on a long, crispy baguette.



Food Truck Review: No. 29

A chicken gyro cost $8.50.



Food Truck Review: No. 28

We enjoyed the Crazy Greek Gyro ($5.50), a crepe stuffed with lamb, cheese and six veggies.



Food Truck Review: No. 27

The $9 Waffle Chick was a so-called “liege” waffle (carmelized on the outside, soft on the inside) topped with pulled chicken, honey and BBQ sauce.


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