Glen Macnow’s Best Bacon Creation


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By Glen Macnow

“Move over, eggs. Bacon just got a new best friend … fudge.” – Homer Simpson.

Homer knows. Bacon isn’t just for breakfast anymore. Yes, we still enjoy it with our omelets. And who doesn’t adore a fine bacon cheeseburger later in the day? But bacon has now become a 24-hour obsession, highlighted at every diner, tap room and fancy-schmanzy chop house in the Delaware Valley.

The bacon renaissance is in full bloom. And no city respects the sizzling swine as much as Philadelphia. Hell, one of our favorite sons is Kevin Bacon (turns out the guy is a vegan!)

So for this year’s Glen Macnow WIP Food Hunt, we’re searching for the top Bacon Creation – the most innovative and delicious use of our favorite porcine delight. My plan is to scour the Delaware Valley for the next seven weeks or so, uncovering every great bacon treat. Of course, it’s going to all end up at a WIP for-the-public finals where you’ll get to savor and judge the best of what I’ve found.

So what are we looking for this year?

MAIN COURSES: Breakfast, lunches and dinners centered around bacon. Again, not just a bacon hamburger – unless, perhaps, someone’s figured out how to create the bun out of bacon. But a creative sandwich focusing on bacon, a bacon-stuff pork loin (a bacon-stuffed anything, actually), or any exciting dish built around our favorite food will qualify.

SIDE DISHES: Appetizers, like figs wrapped in bacon. Sides, like bacon-garlic potatoes. Chicken-fried bacon strips. Popcorn seasoned with bacon. Spreadable bacon jam. I’m up for all of it, and searching for the best of it.

DESSERTS: Yes, and they’re great. Chocolate-covered bacon is something I’ve tried, and admit to loving. There’s a place, I’m told, that makes peanut butter-and-bacon cupcakes. I’ve always been a fan of the maple-bacon donut. And I’ll tell you this category was inspired by a pancake-maple-bacon milkshake at Ponzio’s in Cherry Hill.

Who doesn’t love bacon? As actor Nick Offerman (our hero Ron Swanson on Parks and Rec) said: “The world is split into two halves: the bacon and the bacon-eaters.”

We’re the eaters. Hope you are as well. So stayed tuned to this blog over the coming weeks. I’ll publish my findings, and regularly update the full list here at You’ll also hear me give reviews on the station during the 94WIP Morning Show, as well as my weekend shows with Ray Didinger.

And if you’ve got a lead, a place I need to go, please send it along. You can reach me here, or on my Twitter page, @Realglenmacnow.



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Macnow's Bacon Creation Scores (X / 100)

  • Jake's Sandwich Board (Turbacon) - 71
  • Butter Food Truck (Elvis Sandwich) - 64
  • Butter Food Truck (Bacon Jalapeno Grilled Cheese) - 66
  • Grubhouse (Elvis Melt) - 55
  • Grubhouse (Tater Tots) - 84
  • Grubhouse (Bacon Cakes) - 92
  • Jake's Sandwich Board (chocolate covered bacon) - 71
  • Melt Kraft - 54
  • Down Home Diner - 83
  • Loco Pez - 52
  • La Colombe - 83
  • Bacon Jams - 80
  • Khyber Pass Pub - 90
  • Beiler's Bakery - 92
  • Industry Bar - 49
  • Prime Stache - 88
Bacon Babka from Supper (Photo credit: Glen Macnow/WIP)

Supper: Bacon Babka, $12.96

Glen Macnow goes to Supper to review their Bacon Babka. He’s not that impressed.

12 hours ago

The Turbacon from Jake's Sandwich Board (Photo credit: Glen Macnow/WIP)

Jake’s Sandwich Board: Turbacon Sandwich, $9

Glen Macnow reviews the Turbacon sandwich from Jake’s Sandwich Board.


Bacon Jalapeno grilled cheese from the Butter Food Truck. (Photo credit: Glen Macnow)

Butter Food Truck: Bacon Jalapeno Grilled Cheese $7, Elvis Sandwich $7

Glen Macnow reviews two bacon items from the Butter Food Truck.


Bacon Cakes from The Grubhouse (Photo credit: Glen Macnow)

The Grubhouse: Bacon Cakes $9, Bacon Jalepeno Tater Tots $6, Elvis Melt Sandwich $7

Glen Macnow reviews three bacon items from The Grubhouse.


(Photo credit: Glen Macnow)

Jake’s Sandwich Board: Chocolate-Covered Bacon, $5

Glen Macnow reviews chocolate-covered bacon from Jake’s Sandwich Board.


Photo credit: Glen Macnow

Brielle Grilled Cheese With Bacon, $9.25

Glen Macnow reviews a grilled cheese with bacon from the Reading Terminal.


Photo credit: Glen Macnow

Bacon And Tomato Scram, $6.99

Glen Macnow reviews this incredible bacon, cheese, and tomato omelet.


(Photo credit: Glen Macnow)

Loco Pez: The Street Dog, $6

Glen Macnow reviews Loco Pez’s Street Dog.


(Photo credit: Glen Macnow)

LaColombe: Biscuits And Gravy, $12

Glen Macnow reviews biscuits and gravy from LaColombe.


(Photo credit: Glen Macnow/WIP)

The Bacon Jams, $15

Glen Macnow reviews Bacon Jam, which he calls a half pound of bacon in an 8.5-ounce jar.


(Photo credit: Glen Macnow)

Khyber Pub: Fresh Popped Benton’s Bacon Grease Popcorn, $5

Glen Macnow grades the fresh popped Benton’s bacon grease popcorn from Khyber’s Pub.


(Photo credit: Glen Macnow)

Beiler’s Bakery: Maple Bacon Doughnut, $1

By Glen Macnow Beiler’s Bakery Reading Terminal Market You’ll find this Amish-run bakery at the northwest corner of the market, and you’ll undoubtedly find a long line waiting for their 40 varieties of pastries and […]


(Photo credit: Glen Macnow)

Industry Bar: Seafood BLT, $15

By Glen Macnow Industry Bar 1401 E. Moyamensing Ave, Philadelphia The upside here is that they use Nueske’s crispy slab bacon out of Wisconsin, which is among the best in the USA.  It’s low in […]


(photo credit: Glen Macnow)

Prime Stache: Bacon, Cabbage, And Matchstick Fries, $10

By Glen Macnow Prime Stache 110 Chestnut Street Philadelphia Head chef Hee Chang concocts his own bacon at Prime Stache, brining it for three days, then adding maple syrup, sugar, peppercorns and apple cider. He […]