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College Advising Corps Making A Difference For Disadvantaged Students

The Chronicle of Higher Education has published its 2014 Influence List and Nicole Hurd made it.


Volunteering Trends Bring Good News

More than 63 million people volunteered through organizations between September 2012 and September 2013.


High School Graduation May Require Citizenship Test

Students in North Dakota may have to pass the US Citizenship test as a graduation requirement if proposed legislation passes in January.


Most Teachers’ Salaries Grow Slowly

A new report from the National Council on Teacher Quality looks at how teachers in the largest districts can maximize salaries. For most, it’s slowly.


The Teacher Wars Among Year’s Best Books

Dana Goldstein writes in her new book that teachers are poorly trained to flatten social, racial and economic barriers and their pay is “pathetic”.


Poverty’s Impact On The Behavioral Health Of Children

Traumatized people develop strategies for survival – often tuning out or acting out – making teaching and learning extremely difficult.


Movie Offers New Explanation For Parting Of The Red Sea

New movie offers more realistic explanation for how Moses ‘parted’ the Red Sea.


Young Adults Living With Parents Will Fly The Nest In 2015

In 2012, 35% of Americans 18-31 were living at their parents’ homes. Several things will help them pack their bags and move out in 2015.


Peace Players International Bringing Neighbors At Odds Together

In places where prejudice and intolerance are part of the environment, Peace Players International bridges social divides.


‘River Of Booze’ Paints Troubling Picture Of College Life

An article in The Chronicle Of Higher Education describes the prevalence of drugs, alcohol and sexual violence on campus.


Gauging Poverty And Academic Performance

Homelessness and other factors in a student’s environment are predictors of chronic absenteeism and low achievement.


Limiting Technology In Education

Benjamin Waldman, identified as a junior at a prep school in a letter to the editor in Education Week, asks “When does technology become too prevalent in education?”


A Timely Remembrance Of Rosa Parks

This December remember Rosa Parks and her resolve as we fight bullies and acts of injustice in our immediate surroundings.


Carver School A Standout For STEM Students

The Carver School of Engineering and Science leads a STEM educational experience for students who apply, building a supportive and caring school culture.


International Student Numbers Continue To Grow

The number of international students continues to grow with the biggest influx from China.


Circus Makes STEM Subjects Fun For Kids

The Two Bit Circus in LA makes science, technology, engineering and math – STEM, fun.


North Carolina School Excels In Teaching Dual Language Learners

The Collinswood Language Academy in Charlotte, NC is worthy of special attention.


New Survey Tracks America’s Kids After School

A new survey by the Afterschool Alliance chronicles how children spend the hours between 3 and 6pm – when they are largely unsupervised.


Making Kids Good Readers

Many studies have shown that reading consistently to kids is the strongest factor in a child’s later reading success.


A Move To Help High Achieving Low-Income Students Get To College

The United States fails to do right by most low-income students who excel in school. Now, there may be a turning point.


Adding Art To STEM

The Rhode Island School of Design in particular is spearheading a national initiative to incorporate art and design – calling it STEM to STEAM.


Students’ Character Counts As A Predictor Of Success

A new study from the Brookings Institution shows that character skills that improve performance can mean more to success than academic skills.


High School Dropout Rates Hit Record Low

The national dropout rate reached a record low last year.


Smaller High Schools Improve Student Performance

In the past 15 years, many large high schools have been broken up into smaller units – and the students’ performance has improved.


Temple University Study Sheds New Light On How Toddlers Learn Language Skills

A new study indicates that the quality of communication with toddlers is of much greater importance than the number of words.


Teachers’ Expectations Predict Student Success Rate

Students whose high school teachers had high expectations of them graduated from college much more often than those whose teachers had low expectations.


Siri Helps Autistic Teen

For children like Gus, an autistic 13-year-old who loves to chat, Siri is more than a diversion.


Rise In Year-Round Schools

Year-round schools are not new and lately there’s been a surge. A US Senator in Illinois is pushing for more.


Teachers Applaud New Outline For AP History

The outline for AP high school history has been rewritten, a change being widely applauded by teachers and college professors.


Temple Students Learn Through Community Service

An asst. professor of intellectual heritage at Temple is committed to giving her students practical experiences through community-based projects.


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