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Education Reports

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Federally Funded Program To Help Prepare High Schoolers For Work

YouthCareerConnect is a $100 million initiative, sketched out by President Obama, aimed at helping high schools prepare students better for college and high-tech careers.



Americans Remain Committed To Volunteer Work

In the spirit of the holiday, it’s inspiring to know that Americans are involved with improving the lives of others.


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Making Holiday Memories At The Free Library

Got some down time with your kids over winter vacation? The holiday is a perfect opportunity for you to explore books and activities at The Free Library of Philadelphia.


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Community College Certificate Programs Are Boon To Entering The Workforce

Certification programs at community colleges are helping people enter the workforce while boosting the school’s retention rates.


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Tailoring Your College Application

For those applying for admission to college, it’s important to keep in mind what the people at the other end of the process consider when they review applications.



More US Schools Using Cambridge College Prep

Cambridge University has educated students for more than 800 years and now its pre-collegiate courses are spreading internationally.


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Reinstating Pell Grants For Prisoners

Twenty years ago Congress signed a bill ending the opportunity for prisoners to be eligible for Pell grants. There’s a move on to change that.



Educating Statistics About Homeless Children

In the school year 2011-2012, from pre-school through high school, 1.2 million kids were homeless – and that number has been increasing in recent years.


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Is Latin Necessary?

Jacob Weiss is a four-time gold medal winner of the National Latin exam and his zeal and enthusiasm motivated me to investigate.



High Schoolers Create Satellite

With the help of some graduate students, 50 high school students designed and built a small satellite, recently launched into space.



‘Success For All’ Is A Success For Most

Success For All, which has grown to 1,000 schools with 300,000 participants nationally, is part of the federal Investing in Education initiative.


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Philadelphia Non-Profits Get Helping Hand From Catchafire

Catchafire has come to Philadelphia to do two things: bring great affordable talent to the nonprofit sector and provide volunteers with meaningful and impactful experiences.


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US Is Destination For Foreign Students

The US is the world’s top destination for international students with a record number of 819,644 studying here in 2012-2013.


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Oklahoma Investing In Early Childhood Education

With every 4-year-old having access to free high quality kindergarten, and younger kids from some disadvantaged families getting access to full-day year-round nursery school, Oklahoma is investing in its children.



Inspiring Kids To Become Better Readers, Writers and Students

The Library of Congress has just honored 826 DC with its first-ever Literacy Award, recognizing organizations working to address illiteracy in America.