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Let Gifted Students Accelerate

A report in The Washington Post asks why schools slow down gifted kids when research shows that they do well if accelerated.

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The Story Of Anne Frank Still Moving

While The Diary of a Young Girl is a story from World War II of hate, discrimination and torture, it’s about a young girl growing up.



Baltimore Community Schools Are Success Story

A network of forty-five community schools in Baltimore garnering national attention for its successes in helping low-income students.


Photo Credit: Free Library of Philadelphia

Learning How To Speak ‘American’

Every language has its idioms and slang; but how do you learn to speak like an American? In a casual setting at the Philadelphia Free Library.



More Philadelphia Students Graduating

On-time high school graduation rates for Philadelphia students has risen from 52 to 65 percent over the past eight years.


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Penn Sets Standard For Teaching Entrepreneurship To Neighborhood Students

More than 25 years ago the Wharton School created a program to impact the surrounding area and involve business students in local high schools.



Special Projects Keep Students Learning As School Year Comes To A Close

As the school year comes to an end, teachers must find activities that capture kids’ attention. Self-selected projects seem to do just that.



Young Teachers Turned Off By Testing

Heavy testing in lower grades is causing young teachers to consider leaving the field.



Lawmakers Consider Naturalization Test As Requirement For High School Graduation

Lawmakers in more than a dozen states are considering making the passage of the US naturalization test a high school graduation requirement.



Poor Kids Need More Support All Around

In his new book, Robert Putnam writes, if it takes a village to raise a child…villages rich and poor have shirked their collective responsibility for our poorest kids.



A Prom For Autistic Teens

A high schooler with an autistic sister organized a prom for her sister and other autistic teens and it was a huge success.



Schools Extending Compulsory Education Requirements

In an effort to increase academic standing internationally, many school districts have decided to extend the upper and lower limits of their compulsory education requirements.



Integrating Is Educating

In an article in The Washington Post, programs and projects are cited that make the case that integrating subjects can work.


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Tuition Breaks For Veterans Could Help Colleges

College enrollment rates have been dropping but making it easier financially for veterans to attend college may help both the vets, and the schools.


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Fewer Applicants For High School Equivalency Test

By Dr. Marciene Mattleman PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – In our rapidly moving technological world where education is so necessary in everyday living and the world of work, fewer people without a high school degree are choosing […]