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APP-tastic and Outta SITE

app tastic show header2 APP tastic and Outta SITE

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Flavour App

The Flavour app blends restaurant recommendations from critics, bloggers, experts and locals to help you find nearby favorites in several cities.


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TUN Student Discounts App

The TUN Student Discounts app lets students find the closest student discounts around – whether they’re at home or on the road somewhere.



Odysee App

The Odysee app uploads your photos and videos to a personal cloud, freeing up space on your phone.


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Beach Buggy Racing App

Let’s not mince words: Beach Buggy Racing is a pretty generic racing game – but it gets a lot of little things right.


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Loose Leaf App

The Loose Leaf app lets you create and share your doodles.


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BeWeather 2 App

It’s a little tricky to find a completely customizable weather app these days but BeWeather 2 may fit the bill.


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Skill Share App

The Skillshare app lets you watch or create short educational videos, teaching any number of things.


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Togethera App

The Togethera app lets you create distinct social media circles, so you can connect with who you want, when you want.


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Goat Simulator App

You’re not expecting too serious of an experience in a game called Goat Simulator. And you’d be right – but it’s still fun.


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Clippit App

Ever seen a moment on a TV show you wish you could forward to a friend? The Clippit app lets you do just that.


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Cleen App

The Cleen app – as you might expect – helps to clean up your photo library, freeing up memory and eliminating bloat on your phone.


Hosting Cooking

SideChef App

It’s a bit too expensive to hire your own sous chef, but the SideChef app can make cooking a little easier.


iPhone Black Friday Apps

Stringer App

The Stringer app lets you customize your shuffles, hearing more from the artist or album that catches your ear.


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Candy Crush Soda Saga App

Candy Crush Saga was a phenomenon in 2013. And this latest entry in the series is more a continuation than a sequel.


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Commit App

The Commit app gently nudges you to help you reach your goals.



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