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Stephanie Stahl, CBS 3 and The CW Philly 57’s Emmy Award-winning health reporter, is featured daily on Eyewitness News.

 As one of the television industry’s most respected medical reporters, Stephanie has been recognized by community and health organizations alike for her hard-hitting yet compassionate approach to her beat, an approach that has changed lives and influenced medical practices.  One investigative report that she reported about an e-coli outbreak in the Philadelphia region was instrumental to the development of new federal recommendations for petting zoos

That is characteristic of her work, but viewers have also seen Stephanie advocating on behalf of viewers,  resolving medical bills; arranging surgery to repair a facial disfigurement that gave a Chester County man his life back, and telling the emotional story of a teen who came back from a suicide attempt to recover, graduate and move on in life to inspire others.

Stephanie is also a multiple Emmy Award winner for outstanding medical reporting.  In 2004, she and former colleague Carol Erickson each won a local Emmy Award for “Carol’s Story,” their moving series about Carol’s battle with breast cancer.   In 2005, she received the prestigious Diamond Award from Temple University Hospital’s Auxiliary for her “dedication to excellence, her professional and personal integrity, and her deep sense of compassion for others.”  In addition, the Pennsylvania Public Health Association honored her with its 2000 Media Award; the local chapter of the American Liver Foundation named Stahl its Media Professional of the Year in 2001 and that same year, the Cardiovascular Institute presented Stephanie with its Leadership Award for “positively impacting the health of the Delaware Valley.”

Women in Communications recognized her contributions with its highest honor, the Sarah Award.  In 2011, the Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia inducted her into its Hall of Fame.

Stephanie joined CBS 3 in 1992.  Previously, she had been an anchor/reporter for WCAU-TV since 1986.  A native of South Florida, Stephanie began her broadcasting career at WRC-TV in Washington, D. C.  She was an anchor/reporter at WPEC-TV in West Palm Beach, Florida and at Miami’s WSVN-TV before coming to Philadelphia.   Stephanie is a graduate of American University in Washington, D. C. where she received a Bachelor of Arts degree.

She, and her husband, Jim, reside in Montgomery County outside of Philadelphia.  They have a son, Matthew, who works in professional sports management.

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Bionic Eye Implants Giving Vision Back To Blind

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Soccer Tournament Aims To Help Kids Battling Cancer

The tournament started as a way to help a neighbor.


Health: A Simple Check Can Spot Skin Cancer

“Skin cancer is an epidemic, actually, in the United States,” Dr. Stephen Hess, a Philadelphia dermatologist, said.

CBS 3–06/13/2017

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