“I'm very lucky to have this Mini to drive. This car was my dad's.”

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Allie In Queen Village

“Now that I know how to drive stick, I’ll never go back to an automatic car!” – Allie and her Mini Cooper.


"In high school, I drove a 1968 Cadillac, which could fit everyone."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: 98.1 WOGL’s Cadillac Jack At Fairmount Park

“My friends would call me Cadillac Jack!” – Cadillac Jack and his Cadillac Eldorado Convertible


“'I love driving' is an understatement.”

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Mikey On South Street

“This was my attainable dream car.” – Mikey and his Audi A4 2.0T Quattro


“I mainly love cruising around Valley Forge Park.”

DEFEND YOU RIDE: Jonathan In Manayunk

“This has been my dream car since I was a kid.” – Jonathan and his Toyota MR2 Supercharged


"Buckle up and hold on tight!"

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Anushya At Shofuso Japanese House

“I try to make driving not a chore, but an adventure.” Anushya and her Jeep Wrangler


"My commute is from West Philadelphia to Newtown Square."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Kristin In Newtown Square

“Jade has been through a lot.” – Kristin and her Nissan Altima


"I like it a lot!"

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Carrie In Mount Airy

“It tries to be serious, but it’s not fooling anyone.” – Carrie and her Honda


"I'll take short vacations to either the shore or the mountains."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Patrick In Newtown Square

“The 2012 Chevy Camaro is my dream car.” – Patrick and his Cevrolet Camaro


"The theme song would have to be 'Ruby Soho' by Rancid."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Jess At Temple University

“My car is my lifeline to the outside world.” – Jess and his Honda FIt


"Driving is fun and relaxing."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Aaron At Liberty Lands Park

“Mischievous. She’s plotting… something.” – Aaron and his Mazda3


“I love the open road and the wind in my hair.”

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Ashley In Edgemont

“I wanted something that could take me far that I would be comfortable in.” – Ashley and her Ford Escape


“Best friends!”

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Jackie In Queen Village

“We’ve gotten really close, like best friends.” – Jackie and her Mercury Mariner


"I spend about six hours a week in it."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Jen At The Khyber Pass Pub

“When my friends and I get together with our Jeeps, we call it a Jeep jambourie!” – Jen and her Jeep Patriot


“It’s a fantastic step up from my old car.”

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Leo In Society Hill

“There’s something invigorating about a good drive.” – Leo and his Ford Fusion


“I believe everyone should sing while driving.”

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Melissa in Manayunk

“I feel confident in a truly reliable car.” – Melissa and Honda Civic