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Angelo Cataldi And The Morning Team

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  • Thursday, October 30th
  • The great Dick Vermeil calls in

    The great Dick Vermeil calls into the morning show to talk the Eagles. Keywords: Dick Vermeil, Eagles.
  • The Grand Imperial Poobah

    Stan Hochman calls in and gives his take on the Eagles game this Sunday against the Texans. Keywords: Poobah, Eagles
  • Scott O'Neil, CEO of the 76ers calls in

    Scott O'Neil calls into the Morning Show and takes a shot at Larry Brown. Keywords: Scott O'Neil, 76ers, Larry Brown
  • Wednesday, October 29th
  • The Great Mike Quick

    Mike talks about the Eagles game against the Cardinals and pays a little tribute to Eagles legend Reggie White. Keywords: Mike Quick, Eagles
  • Hollis Thomas talks injuries and bad D

    Hollis discusses what it is like to tear a biceps muscle and reveals the truth behind who to blame on the game winning TD pass in Arizona. Keywords: Hollis Thomas, injury, Nate Allen
  • Angelo is stood up.

    Find out what potential guest stood up Angelo Cataldi... Keyword: Angelo Cataldi
  • Former Mayor and Gov Ed Rendell

    The Gov endorses mayoral candidate and WIP's own Joe Conklin. Keyword: Ed Rendell, Joe Conklin
  • Angelo and the Morning Team on Nick Foles

    Can Nick Foles win a Super Bowl? Will he turn out to be the answer the Eagles have been looking for all along? Keywords: Foles, Eagles
  • The Morning Topic Rush

    Angelo, Al, and Rhea discuss CB West, Legal hockey goals, and more! Keywords: CB West, Hockey
  • Tuesday, October 28th
  • Kerry Fraser calls into the Morning Show

    Former NHL ref, Kerry Fraser, calls in to talk with Angelo and the rest of the morning team. Keywords: Kerry Fraser, NHL.
  • Tony Luke in studio

    Tony Luke stops by the studio to talk about his upcoming Wing Bowl appearance. Keywords: Tony Luke, Wing Bowl, Toys for tots
  • Ross Tucker joins the Morning Show

    Ross Tucker joins us and discuesses whether or not Chip Kelly should have thrown the challenge flag. Keywords: Ross Tucker, Eagles.
  • Dr. David Vegari calls in

    Dr. Vegari calls in to talk about some injuries around the league. Keywords: Dr. Vegari, NFL, Romo.
  • Doctor David Vergari calls in

    Dr. Vergari calls in to talk about injuries around the league. Keywords: Dr. Vergari, NFL, Romo.
  • Howard Eskin on the Birds Loss

    Eskin explains why the Eagles didn't challenge the spot on the Polk run and explains the state of the Sixers. Keywords: Howard Eskin, Polk, Sixers, Eagles
  • What's on Al's mind?

    Al talks about the recent controversy regarding an LA Kings player. Keyword: NHL, LA Kings
  • Monday, October 27th
  • Delco Times' Bob Grotz

    Bob Grotz gives his take on the Eagles loss to the Cardinals. Keywords: Bob Grotz, Eagles, Cardinals
  • Reactions to Chip

    Angelo and the Morning Team react to Chip Kelly's responses and who the Audio Roadshow is blaming for the loss. Keywords: Angelo, Morning Team, Chip Kelly, Audio Roadshow
  • Head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles Chip Kelly

    Chip Kelly gives his thoughts on why he didn't challenge the play at the goal line. Keyword: Eagles, Arizona,
  • Hall of Famer Ray Didinger

    Didi breaks down the Eagles heartbreaking loss to the Cardinals. Keywords: Ray Didinger, Eagles, Cardinals

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