Angelo Cataldi And The Morning Team

Angelo Cataldi And The Morning Team

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  • Friday, May 22nd
  • Pat Croce on Iverson documentary

    Former president of the 76ers, Pat Croce, talks about his recent trip to Cuba and involvment in the Allen Iverson documentary.
  • Kate Bilo brings weather to the Show

    Forecaster Kate Bilo tells the Morning Team what weather they can expect over the holiday weekend.
  • Ron Borges explains why he questions Patriots in DeflateGate

    New England football writer Ron Borges explains why he questions Tom Brady's honesty and Robert Kraft's thought process in DeflateGate.
  • Todd Zolecki talks Phillies Future

    MLB writer Todd Zolecki discusses Ryan Howard's attractiveness as a DH and the success of pitcher Aaron Nola at AAA.
  • This Day in History

    The Morning Team looks back on significant events on this day in history.
  • Thursday, May 21st
  • Ben Davis, Mark Farzetta

    Ben names his winners of the day, Mark wraps up the show
  • Jay Black

    Talks David Letterman and his final episode
  • Rob Wasserman

    Talking burgers and the Burger Brawl
  • Brandon McManus

    Talks Broncos, new NFL rules, and more
  • Glen Macnow

    Talks the Phillies, and more
  • Italy Butt Grabbing

    Marc Farzetta heads to Italy how will he deal with butt grabbing?
  • Wednesday, May 20th
  • John Gonzales shows support for Hinke

    John Gonzales explains his support for Sam Hinkie and his positivity after the Sixers got the third pick in last night's lottery.
  • Vince Papale looks at new Eagles

    Eagles legend Vince Papale calls in to discuss this year's Eagles and Chip Kelly.
  • Gary Tanguay explains guilty Patriots in DeflateGate

    New England Radio and Television personality Gary Tanguay offers an unpopular opinion up north about the Deflategate scandal.
  • Dr. Yoshi's take on players's health coming out of the NBA Lottery

    Dr. Preet Yoshi explains the medical precautions with players coming out of the NBA draft and transitioning to professional basketball.
  • Cooney says his piece about NBA Lottery

    Sixers beat reporter Bob Cooney talks to the Morning team with how he thinks the Sixers faired in last night's lottery.
  • Robert Kraft to not appeal Patriots DeflateGate punishment

    The Morning Team discusses the repercussions with Robert Kraft's plan to not appeal the Patriots's punishment in Deflategate.
  • Farzetta channels Letterman as child

    Joe Farzetta explains how Letterman monologues helped him get through childhood Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.
  • Tuesday, May 19th
  • Al Morganti and intern Andrew McDevitt

    Election Day Polls
  • Dom Irrera

    North Dakota Jokes with Intern Sean
  • Ruben Amaro Jr

    General Manage of the Phillies
  • Zatella Beatty

    Director of Allen Iverson ShowTime Documnetary
  • Dave Hakstol

    New Flyers Head Coach
  • Howard Eskin

    Talks new Flyers coach, Phillies, deflategate, and more
  • Monday, May 18th
  • Phillies Fan Joyce Had Ball Snatched From Hand

    Lady Phillies fan Joyce had Maikel Franco's home run ball taken from her hands
  • Jamaal Jackson talks Eagles and DeflateGate

    Jamaal Jackson explains the different inflation of NFL game balls and the Eagles potential this fall.
  • Ed Rendell Stops In Studio

    Ed Rendell is in studio this morning to look back on some of his favorite Allen Iverson and 76ers memories.
  • Ray Didinger offers his opinions on DeflateGate

    Ray Didinger discusses DeFlagate and his favorite foods from the past weekend's Best Bacon Creation Finals.
  • Analyzing Robert Kraft's response to DeflateGate

    The Morning Team walks listeners through Robert Kraft's response to the DeflateGate punishment in an article by Sports Illustrated.
  • Reponses to Iverson documentary

    The Morning Team discussses the new Allen Iverson documentary and the comparison to basketball in Philadelphia 14 years ago.
  • Friday, May 15th
  • Brett Meyers becoming a country artist

    The Morning Team listens to Brett Meyers's new country song and gives their opinions on his possible success as a country artist.
  • Morning Team welcomes NY Post writer to discuss Deflategate

    Bart Hubbuch is known for his criticism of the Patriots, so the Morning Teams welcomes him to discuss the Deflatgate controversy.
  • Todd Zolecki's approach on Chase Utley

    Todd Zolecki explains his opinion on Chase Utley's struggling season and his possible retirement.
  • This Day in History

    Angelo and the Morning Team look back at significant events that happened on May 15 in history.
  • MIke Schmidt discusses possibilites with Utley retirement

    Angelo and the Morning Team discuss Mike Schmidt's interview and how Chase Utley retiring would affect the team.
  • Thursday, May 14th
  • Mike Schmidt

    Talking Phillies, and more
  • Jim Kelly

    Talks about his health, Deflategate, Bills, Leasean McCoy, and more
  • Kevin Cooney

    Phillies Talk
  • Smoke Show Natalie Egenolf

    Talking Tom Brady, Tiger Woods, and more
  • Gary Cobb

    Talking Eagles football and the NFL
  • Wednesday, May 13th
  • Best Eagles Home Games

    Angelo Cataldi and the Morning Team rank the Eagles home games on importance.
  • Troy Brown

    Former Patriots player Troy Brown joins the WIP morning show to talk about Deflategate and Super Bowl 39. Keywords: Troy Brown, Patriots, Tom Brady
  • Connor Barwin

    Connor Barwin joins the WIP Morning Show to talk some football and charity. Keywords: Connor Barwin, Eagles
  • Eric Rowe

    Eric Rowe joins Angelo and the morning team to chat about the Eagles. Keywords: Eric Rowe, Eagles
  • Dr. Eddie Wu

    Orthopedic surgeon discusses injuries
  • Patrick Murphy Train Derailment

    Former US Congressman
  • Tuesday, May 12th
  • Joe Conklin and Ed Rendell

    Joe Conklin sings about the Phillies and then Ed Rendell calls the morning show. Keywords: Phillies, Eagles
  • Ruben Amaro Jr

    The general manager of the Phillies joins the morning show. Keywords: Phillies, Ruben Amaro Jr
  • Glen Macnow

    Glen joins the show to chat Bacon. Keywords: Bacon, WIP
  • George Bodenheimer

    George Bodenheimer calls into the morning show to talk about his new book. Keywords: ESPN, WIP
  • Howard Eskin

    Fox 29 and 94.1 WIP
  • Deflategate

    The morning show talks about the suspension of Tom Brady in his role for deflategate. Keywords: Tom Brady, Patriots
  • Monday, May 11th
  • Hugh Douglas

    Former Eagles Defensive Lineman
  • Mike Capko

    Fan with Foul Ball
  • Mitch Williams

    Former Phillies Closer
  • Major Betts A.K.A. Cheetah

    Farzetta's Fighter Pilot
  • Friday, May 8th
  • Boston Sportswriter Ron Borges' Thoughts on the Wells Report

    Ron Borges on the WIP Morning Show. Keywords: Patriots, Deflategate
  • CSN's Marcus Hayes on the WIP Morning Show

    Marcus Hayes Weighs In On LeSean McCoy's Comments About Chip Kelly. Keywords: McCoy, Eagles
  • Thursday, May 7th
  • Dan Shaughnessy

    Dan Shaughnessy joins the morning show to talk about Deflategate. Keywords: Deflategate, Patriots
  • Governor Ed Rendell

    The former governor of Pennsylvania Ed Rendell calls into the WIP morning show to talk about LeSean McCoy. Keywords: Eagles, Chip Kelly