By Cleve Bryan

CAPE MAY COURT HOUSE, N.J. (CBS) — After meandering around for a while in a far offshore loop – Tropical Storm Jose strengthened to a hurricane again on Friday and began moving West toward the East Coast.

New Jersey is now within the National Hurricane Center’s forecast cone and Jose could send wind and storm surge by next Tuesday.

Cape May County’s emergency manager Marty Pagliughi says it’s too soon to make any real decisions about Jose.

Tracking Jose: Storm Continues To Churn In The Atlantic Ocean

The latest movements westward have officials closely monitoring the track, and considering how to respond to potential impacts.

‘We’re looking at some minor to moderate coastal flooding right now. If the storm tracks further in or makes landfall we could be looking at major coastal flooding,” says Pagliughi.

The most immediate danger is rip currents this weekend.

All week Hurricanes Irma and Jose have been sending larger than usual waves to the Jersey Shore that make it hard to stand in one place, and easy to get swept away in deadly rip currents.

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