Snapchat Partnering With College Newspapers

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — With more Americans getting their news from social media, Snapchat is adding college newspapers to its app.

Snapchat says its adding “dozens” of college newspapers to its Discover tab, but is rolling out just four right now, and none in our area.

The “Discover” section of the app is reserved for news articles and videos from the Snap’s exclusive list of publishing partners.

Snapchat is popular with college-aged users and 29% of the network’s users get some news from the app.

The college newspapers will create a “Campus Publisher Story,” which should look similar to the magazine-style editions that existing partners like Buzzfeed and ESPN create daily.

The student papers will produce one of these stories per week and will include ads. The revenue generated from the ads will be split between the university paper and Snapchat.

The stories will be geofenced so they will only be available to users physically at each university.

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