‘Nothing But Outrage Here’: Philly’s NAACP President Denounces Violence In Charlottesville

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Philadelphia’s NAACP President is denouncing the protests and violence in Virginia.

Rodney Muhammad is president of the NAACP’s Philadelphia chapter and says the recent chaos and violence in Charlottesville, Virginia reminds him of 1908’s deadly race riots in Springfield, Illinois — which prompted the creation of the NAACP.

“The racial hatred that they saw then, that they committed themselves to eradicating, I have to wonder if those 60 people – what would they think to see us in 2017 and to see the same thing going on.”

He says seeing the video of people being plowed down in the streets is gut-wrenching.

“You are resurrecting some of the old hatreds in Virginia in the beginning that were part of the inception of this country,” he said.

Muhammad says this is a time when political leaders are needed the most.

“It’s not just outrage about what happened in Virginia, but there’s outrage about the president’s resistance to really respond to this,” Muhammad said. “This is one of those moments in American life, and the president had a chance and he squandered it.”

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One Comment

  1. How dare those failed morph apes ook about violence!! They’re responsible for most of the violence in this country.

    1. True! Black people don’t want to look at themselves in the mirrors and they have a bad habits of burying the ugly pasts. Yet they look at white people.

  2. What’s the hell is he talking about? Black people are demanding that Robert E. Lee Statue be taken down and that was spark the violence. How was black people feel if we demand that Dr. Martin Luther King and other Black Statues be taken down, How would they react? A word of advice, Leave the history alone and if anyone tried to remove or destroy would spark more violence.

    1. Those porch monkeys already changed the name of General Lee Park to Emancipation Park but that wasn’t good enough for them. No, they had to take down his statue. Well, we’ve had enough. We will not be replaced. Our history will not be stolen.

      1. Amen to that. Black people push their way around by shoving down our faces, making us angry. Look at Police Brass,(Black), Trash Chief, ( Black) and many more has taken the top jobs. So what happened to Equal Opportunity for all races? It’s seem unfair.

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