By Cherri Gregg

DELAWARE COUNTY (CBS) — A Delaware County man penned a new book about the friendship between two of the world’s most famous people as the book comes days before the 8th anniversary of one of their deaths.

On the surface, Elizabeth Taylor and Michael Jackson had little in common.

After all, she was 30 years his senior; the other differences were obvious– race, gender and family upbringing.

“In Hollywood they were known as the odd couple,” says Donald Bogle, a Yeadon native, is the author of Elizabeth and Michael: A Love Story.

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He began research for the book after Taylor died in 2011.

He says the King of Pop pursued a friendship with the Queen of Hollywood, and they soon created a lifelong bond that began in 1984.

“They had found in one another each a sort of soul mate,” says Bogle, who organized the book to include 24 alternating chapters about the life of each stars.

img 6791 Delco Man Pens Book About King Of Pop & Queen Of Hollywoods Relationship

Photo Credit: Cherri Gregg

He says he quickly learned that the two were very similar.

“They both were these great child stars and they both made the transition into adulthood,” Bogle says.

The two both took stands in their career, declaring their independence– Taylor stood up to movie studios and Jackson broke away from Motown to go solo. Both also dealt with severe physical paid and had become addicted to painkillers. And, of course, they both were exceptionally famous and the cost of fame took its toll.

“Elizabeth Taylor she had all of these marriages and divorces; Michael what happened over time he withdrew,” says Bogle.

Over time, Taylor was one of the few people who could reach Jackson. She was one of the few celebrities who publicly supporting him after allegations of molestation surfaced. Later, when Jackson died, Bogle says Taylor took it really hard.

“It was said that there was a piercing scream or cry,” he says.

Michael Jackson died June 25, 2009. Elizabeth Taylor died March 23, 2011. Bogle says they are both buried in Forest Lawn Cemetery, not far from one another.

Bogle will be signing books at the African-American Museum of Philadelphia on Tuesday, June 20.

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