By Jay Lloyd

NEW JERSEY (CBS) — Summer Shore getaways can triple your excitement in the Delaware and Jersey surf with a cruise in between. KYW’s Jay Lloyd takes a ride on the Cape May – Lewes Ferry.

ferry 21 Jay Lloyds Getaway: Ferry Cruise

It’s more than just a ferry boat ride. For Woody Huber and his new bride, Ellen nearly half a century ago, it was magic.

“We came over on our honeymoon, actually. I said, “We’ll go on a cruise and then go to the shore,” said Huber.

ferry 5 Jay Lloyds Getaway: Ferry Cruise

Take a car or pick up a shuttle and cabs at the terminals to visit Cape May or Delaware beaches, eateries, bars and nightlife. But the ride is a pleasure itself. Fishing boats, freighters, tankers, yachts flying the flags of many nations rise over the horizon and as you near shore, Huber notes, a display of fins is often sighted.

on deck 3 Jay Lloyds Getaway: Ferry Cruise

“We’ve seen dolphins 99 percent of the time,” said Huber.

If you walk aboard or take a bicycle, the round trip cruise is an amazing $16 with discounts for seniors and military. Take a car and cruise round trip for $72 to $86, depending on the summer day. Now, just cast off.

observ deck Jay Lloyds Getaway: Ferry Cruise

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