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TRENTON, N.J. (CBS) — New Jersey road crews were out in force, simulating an emergency that would involve evacuation of shore communities, Thursday.

It’s the 4th year they’ve conducted this drill, just in case.

“We have a system in place where we would put in what’s called a contra-flow, which is reversing traffic to have all the traffic flowing away from the shore to get as many people out as quickly as possible,” Department of Transportation spokesman Steve Schapiro told KYW Newsradio.

No road was actually blocked but crews were in place along the Atlantic City Expressway and the Garden State Parkway, along with routes 47, 347, 72 and I-195.

“Crews report to their different yards,” Schapiro added. “We have pallets already set up, pre-packaged basically, with the appropriate cones and barrels and signage needed for different locations, different intersections. They get loaded onto the trucks. The trucks drive out to the designated intersections. So they do everything up to putting out the cones.”

Not only do these crews get the procedure down, but the state learns from the process about better ways to get this done, mainly on the communications front.

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