‘Flat Earth’ Billboard Turning Heads On The Schuylkill

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A billboard on the Schuylkill Expressway eastbound is turning drivers’ heads. Sandwiched between two insurance ads, the billboard reads “Research Flat Earth.”

“We believe this is something that needs to be talked about,” Math Powerland, who purchased the billboard, said.

Powerland lives in New Mexico and is one of the founders of the Flat Plane Society, a group which believes the earth is flat. Powerland says NASA pictures and videos of the curved earth are faked.

“We believe it’s all faked. All of it is in front of CGI, augmented reality, the space walks are most part done in desalinated water tanks,” Powerland said.

“What many of us have come to believe is that what we’re shown as a globe is not a map of reality but it just shows a region of what we’re allowed to inhabit on what all intents and purposes may be a flat plane that extends far beyond what is Antarctica,” he continued.

The Franklin Institute’s Chief Astronomer Derrick Pitts says it’s fine to have different theories and opinions, but some research, like that proving the earth is round has been studied for centuries.

“If you go back as far as 330BC the Greek mathematicians found out the earth was round simply by looking at the angle of shadows and placement on different places on the surface of the planet. That was in 330BC and it wasn’t the Greeks who said this, it was the mathematics that told them it was the case,” explained Pitts.

Pitts says there is easy visual proof the earth is round, and it doesn’t require mathematics.

“The other way we know the earth is round is we’ve been able to observe lunar eclipses from earth,” he said.

“The only way you can make a curved shadow is if you have a curved object that blocks the light,” he continued.

Powerland plans to run the billboard for the next week at a cost of $900. He says he chose Philadelphia for the first billboard because of the cost, and hopes to place other billboards in cities like Phoenix and Denver.

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One Comment

  1. Kevin Key says:

    We at the Flat Earth Society are proud of the fact that we have members from all around the globe.

    1. Flat Earth Society is a JOKE. Please do not include your DISINFO Group with ANYTHING to do with the current movement of the “Flat Earth” Flat Earth Society is a psy-op. #GlobExit, #FepeSaysSo. https://www.thedailyplane.com/proving-earth-flat/

      1. Kevin Key says:

        Read my comment again – it was a joke. :D

  2. Hi Greg,

    I’m trying to understand how a simple search for “Math Powerland” would show you that this is definitely NOT him? Isn’t verifying your sources the most important rule in Journalism 101 – as in “trust, but verify”? All I can conclude is that CBS Philly needed a quick and dismissive outro / human interest piece before returning to the national feed.

    Even if the premise is deemed outrageous – as conveyed by your fellow anchor with crossed arms – you should at least research the name of your source. I learned to do that in elementary school We had to write reports and cite our sources by using the Dewey Decimal System in a physical card catalog at the library. The internet was not at our fingertips like it is now, so I find it hard to believe a reporter would open themselves up by not doing any research except to call the call the local science museum.

  3. Filip Puşca says:

    There is no one that have experience of a globe earth i can tell for sure.
    Math vs reality, i can draw a banana and do some math equations and monkeys from Darwin non observable theory will worship it. :D

  4. badintense says:

    Eratosthenes has been thoroughly debunked by the FE Awakening. He did not take into account refraction or atmoplane distortion. The calculations also work the same if the sun is smaller and closer than what we are told. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=eratosthenes+was+wrong

  5. badintense says:

    His name isn’t Math Powerland, that is another Flat Earther. His real name is possibly Mark Marrs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UDmW5–jb5U
    This was paid for using crowd funding by hundreds of like minded people. tinyurl.com/FElinks

  6. The guy in the video is not “Matt Powerland”. His REAL name is Jack Larson, well known on the internet for lying about his identity. He has also claimed his name is “Mark Sargent”.

      1. Well, I HAVE researched flat Earth, for over 2 years, and found myself confronting nothing more than delusional thinking, scientific illiteracy, willful ignorance and blatant lies. Here are just some of the ridiculous claims they have to make in order to sustain their fantasy:

        1) There is a global conspiracy by every government and every scientist, astronomer, pilot, surveyor, engineer, and space agency to conceal the true shape of the Earth for no conceivable reason.

        2) All photos of the Earth from space are CGI or Photoshop created by thousands of people in on the “conspiracy” working every day of the week to create them.

        3) Gravity is “fake”.

        4) The sun is a “spotlight” 32 miles in diameter, 3100 miles above the Earth.

        5) There is a giant ice wall circling the flat plane holding the oceans in and an army of thousands patrolling it so nobody can take pictures of it.

        6) Satellites do not exist.

        7) The moon is a self-illuminated semi-transparent flat disk.

        8) If you “zoom in” on the sun setting below the horizon, it will magically reappear above the horizon.

        9) Space is “fake”.

        10) The Earth is covered by a giant dome.

        11) Rockets cannot work in a vacuum because they need air to “push against” (and of course, they cannot penetrate the “dome”).

        And so on.

        Flat earth is nothing more than a Youtube phenomena propagated by largely unemployable and poorly educated substance abusers and alcoholics living on disability in trailer parks or in their mother’s basement, who imagine that they and only they are intelligent to see through the “lies” and “deceptions” that “enslave” the rest of humanity. They laughably refer to themselves as “truth seekers”, but the fact is they do anything BUT seek the truth.

  7. Gregory May says:


  8. Bringing the truth into your awareness. There is no curve. Greetings from Ireland. <3

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