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By Andrew Kramer

CAMDEN, N.J. (CBS) – Some high school graduates in Camden are getting a helping hand as they prepare for college, thanks to their persistence as students.

These 22 recent grads were recognized Thursday night at Camden County College during the Remarkable Graduates Awards Ceremony.

“These are students who are resilient, who have overcome many obstacles in order to make it to graduation,” says Deputy Camden School District Superintendent Katrina McCombs.

McCombs couldn’t be prouder of what they accomplished.

“I really feel inspired and motivated because it helps us to always remember that there’s always something to overcome and we need to support one another as human beings to help others to overcome as well,” she said.

One example is Woodrow Wilson High School graduate Dyreil Mack, who received this honor by conquering his speech impediment.

“Because I think that I achieved so much, I’m with the National Honors Society, years of being a leader, making sure other students go to their classes and stay on top to get good grades,” he said.

He’s going to Bloomfield College in the fall.

Camden High School graduate Kyla Evans will be studying Journalism at Temple after overcoming some school obstacles of her own, like commuting two hours each day to class

“And it costs $65 a week for that, so there’s a lot I’m trying to do just to go to school, but I know that my education is important, so I got to do this. I’ve had a lot of downs and I’m still trying to go through them,” Evans said.

To help the students in the next chapter of their lives, each was awarded a scholarship and new laptop.

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